There’s two kinds of racists in the world.

  • Racist racists.
  • And I’m totally not racists.

If you tell anyone that they cannot or shouldn’t say something because of the color or their skin, you’re not just racist. You’re an incredibly, self-centered piece of shit. Too niggering for ya? Excuse me. Triggering? Don’t give a shit. Your happy go lucky notion of how the world works is a fairy tale. People don’t like each other; people are different, but more importantly—people don’t care what you have to say.

The only two possible outcomes of ending up in a situation like this with one of your “friends” is:

  • You cuck to their wims and feelings from then on, making you a sad, useless, pathetic individual in my opinion.
  • Or you avoid that narcissistic fuckhead with all your might from then on and have no regrets about it.
  • Or I guess you could just “be yourself” still and just deal with the inevitable morally righteous cries for social “justice” every encounter. But who in their right mind would do that?

But, Mitch. didn’t have a bad experience with this person. I think you might be overreacting.

  • If by overreacting, you mean sighing at your many attempts to avoid the issue, then sure.
  • Would this situation apply with an axe-murderer?
  • No. Obviously not.
  • It doesn’t matter if an axe-murderer hasn’t murdered your family with an axe or not. The fact remains: they’re an axe-murderer.
  • Likewise, your racist “friend”—is still a reprehensible, racist, shallow, vapid, empty human being. A fucking parasite.
  • Get over it.


You have to be an anomalous kind of stupid to think that being racist makes you “anti racist”. To call yourself anti racist at all is proof that you’re racist. Why? Well, gee. How do I know you’re against rape? You don’t say you’re anti-rape! Tell me you’re at least anti-pooping-on-people. It’s like a guy constantly going, “I swear my dick is at least 7 inches.” You’ve clearly got something to hide and you’re not doing a very good job. You’re as obvious as can be and you disgust me. Might wanna look into what you believe in and while you’re at it, dance in fucking traffic.

Seriously. I hate your kind. Slithery, slimy, scummy pieces of whoreshit. Racists annoy me enough. But I can at least tolerate blatant racists, as they’ve got nothing to hide, unlike you who’s always wearing a mask because if anyone sees the real you, they’d fucking loathe you. It’s like, if you’re gonna be a bigoted fuck, own it. Don’t act not racist and then act in an obviously racist manner; that’s the textbook definition of hypocrisy, you dumb shit.

Mitch, I might report this if my friend commits suicide.

Oh, please do. I’ll attend the funeral myself. Here lies—Idiot von Retardstein. He or she was a great man or woman. But low, the thought of facing him or herself in the mirror was a mental nightmare to he or she—after the mean ol’ skinny, Nazi, preacher man told him or her what’s what. What a beautiful tombstone that would be.

Mitch, I think you lack empathy.

And are insane.

Mhm. Your point?




So the other day, I was sucking a guy’s cock in a TGI friday’s bathroom for cab money, and I was like, “ugh. I don’t think this white dick is enough for my anti-racist pussy and mouth.”




Europa: the Last Battle

The following documentary was made by Tobias Bratt. Consider it the ultimate red pill, upon which all others are derived. It details the lost, hidden truth behind World War II, an ideological battle between globalism and nationalism.