Here. Have some shit.

  • In post-structuralist, especially feminist, theory: a structure or style of thought, speech, or writing (often considered as typical of traditional western philosophy, culture, or literature), deconstructed as expressing male attitudes and reinforcing male dominance; phallocentrism implicitly communicated in or through language.

Phallagocentrism, like determinism is self-refuting. If everything in society is the result of “maleness”, then that includes the very attitudes and belief systems you have. By your own axiomatic assertion that “maleness” affects everything, you’re admitting to everyone that your own perspective on the matter is not to be trusted or entertained, for it was manufactured by your beloved fucking patriarchy. Get it? A determinist who unironically calls himself one, almost seems to be suggesting, “Yea, no one has free will. Except for me, cause I recognize it.” In the same way, you’re implying something similar by claiming society to be “phallagocentric”. You’re saying, “everyone and everything in this society is so androcentric. But not little ol’ me. No, no, no. I’ve managed, somehow, to obtain a higher level thinking than all of you sheep. How? Psh, don’t bother. You’re too maaaale to get it, duuuude.”

Male attitudes, huh? Oi. Don’t you “post modern” types reject science, logic, and all of that. So you’re not exactly qualified to tell me about male attitudes or “deconstruct” any of my goddamn arguments by your own ridiculous admission, huh?

So yea, this is just another word like “problematic” and “misogyny”, where if you hear them nowadays, it’s probably being used wrong, and by a feminist.

And at this point in time, I’m gonna have to call everyone in the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and every American that continues to vote these parties into office: feminists. You might not believe in feminism. Hell, you might hate it with all your heart. But your actions further their power, and you’re complacent in it. So, yea. You’re a feminist, which is far from a compliment. Enjoy the collapse of your “capitalist” society in about 30 years.


Until you children start believing in logic, science, and um—reality—again, I think we should put you all in a zoo and just let you fling shit at each other, ya bunch of silly monkeys. Seriously. “We don’t believe in logic and reason, man. It’s part of the patriarchy. Wooooo! Now allow us to use logic and reason to try and get you to join our side!”