Have fun, Google. You think you’re gonna slip your slimy, greasy, corporate ways out of thissun. Nope. Archived. Bitches. Course, now everyone can see my gay bookmarks, which is a little emmasculating, but—YouTube’s breeding pedophile activity LULULULULUL. Is. Was. Whatever. It happened. Fuck you. Hahahahaha.

Demonetize me for being politically troublesome, and I will take a fucking. Shit and a. Half! On your asses when you let this shit slip up. Here’s Sargon’s video on the matter. Although he’s wrong—dead fucking wrong about Net Neutrality being “necessary”. Lol, oooookay, Mr. I’m a Capitalist and Socialism Is For Sure Evil. Other than that, it sums up nicely how fucked and stupid you are, Google. Alphabet. Whatever your cunt name is.