There’s a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of the word cuck. Is it helpful? It is too mean? I’m here to explain.

The first thing to understand is that women cannot be cucks. Yes, sorry ladies. I know you like to be included and shit. But this is one thing you’re just going to have to wait outside on, okay. Sawreh. Women have the ability to make babies and the legal freedom to leech resources from the provider of whatever gametes they use to make them.

The next thing to understand is that not all married men are cucks. Some men arrived at their marriages of their own volition, through a series of sound life decisions. But most married men end up where they are because when the opportunity to have sex arrives for a man, more often than not, he jumps on it, regardless if he’s prepared. 

Women are also more promiscuous nowadays (often times obligatorily so, so they don’t get left out in college). So this, paired with a population of males with low self-esteem, has spawned millions of unhappy, half-ass, dysfunctional, Ritalin-sporting families.

The third and final thing to understand is that we’re not calling those of you who are cucks, cucks to be “mean” or to “condescend”, to belittle you in any way. Nay. We are trying to wake you up. To get you to realize that you’re not happy. You’ve merely convinced yourself you’re happy because you’ve been made to believe that you have no choice but to live the life you so reluctantly do. So you’ve forced flimsy rationalism into your head to justify this lifestyle, which has in turn only made you more obviously miserable.

So now that we got all that out of the way, what is a cuck? Quite simply, a cuck is a man that should have been born a woman. They are like the tomboy equivalent for men. Everything cucks do, they do for other people. They are hyper-aware of others, to the point where it often interferes with their self-awareness and rational decision-making. If you ever catch them indulging in themselves, chances are they were given permission to do so; maybe even had to encouraged. These are the kinds of men that “aren’t afraid to cry” to “wear pink” because “they know” it’s the most manly man shit ever, breh.

Everything Ayn Rand taught the world about Objectivism, cucks reject, often without realizing it.

Objectivism is simply empiricism (the notion that knowledge can be obtained only through sensory experience) turned into a philosophy. To have an objectivist mindset (which is not common among cucks), one must accept the following axioms.

  • Reality exists. There is no point is questioning it. Yes, if we were not here, reality still would be. Accept it, so we can move on. — Solipsism and Objectivism do not mix.
  • You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest. One must use only reason to guide themselves and consider all the consequences of their actions, before making a decision. — Gluttony and Objectivism do not mix.
  • Your happiness is your ultimate goal. You have no obligation to “help your follow man” until you have achieved self-actualization (much in the way MLK Jr. did). In fact, to do so would be unhealthy and would only slow down self-actualization, if not prevent it entirely. That’s not to say you shouldn’t help friends and family. For that would be in your self-interest. However, sacrificing yourself for strangers will only get you and those you attempt to help—so far. — Altruism and Objectivism absolutely do not mix.
    • It’s important to understand that even within the confines of people you know and/or care about, with an exception of immediate family, that you must give sparingly to them and not yank them out of their “predicaments” in life. The “sharing is caring” philosophy has got to go. It’s going to slow you down, and as any communist society ever built will demonstrate, it makes everything else slow—too. I repeat, Altruism and Objectivism do not, cannot, will not ever mix.
  • Free market capitalism is the only just economic system. All instances of economic turmoil, be it big bully “robber barons”, Wall Street fucking us in the asshole, the Great Depression. They all occur because of our altruistic tendencies to fiddle fuck around in business, putting down regulation after regulation. Bad things simply cannot happen in a free market. To suggest otherwise in lunacy. If something’s bad for the market, it will not thrive. It may have a slight chance though depending on how much red tape and overbearing socialistic regulation you’ve put forth.

So, why are cucks the epitome of everything opposite to this philosophy?

Well cucks often have their cake 24/7 and eat it impulsively. That is to say, when a cuck is presented with an opportunity that might stimulate him temporarily, but damage or slow him down in the long run, not only will they often say to hell with the consequences and just do it; often times—they outright overlook what’s at stake. Which isn’t surprising, given that they got themselves into the mess of parenthood by accident, most of the time.

A cuck’s happiness is far from his main priority. If it were, he would wait for a woman he really loves, instead of settling for one that will take him now. He would not stick around for a child (especially one that isn’t his own), knowing that he’s never even considered having a kid. A cuck wouldn’t even be looking for a partner until their needs have been met. When someone asks him for a favor, expecting nothing in return but the gratitude of having assisted them, he’s quick to be a useful tool. These behaviors signify that most American men’s happiness nowadays is derived from assisting others, especially women. 

When a cuck does a “good dead”, something “nice” for someone, it’s hardly ever because he wanted to. Rather there’s been a societal effort to pussify them into thinking they should do these things. That it’s not up to them. That these tiny acts of altruism are essentially obligations. That failing to do these things makes them (and this the key here) less of a man. 

I guess it’s an easier kind of happiness, considering someone’s always in need of a man, those lovable meatheads. But it’s a lazy, bullshit kind of happiness and I don’t buy it. Because there’s always something a cuck wants to be doing, but their wives won’t let them. But will they lift one finger if their wives do something that irritates them? Nope. They’re just gonna go for a drive, a walk, or whatever. Get away from their house, and try and convince themselves they’re just overreacting.

But the nail in the coffin. The ultimate proof of their cuckery if you will, is their rationalization of or wishy washy attitude towards communism. Mark my words, people. Communism is the bloodiest, goriest thing to ever exist. The people that invented it are awful. The people that support it are awful. Anyone that tries to convince you communism “ain’t so bad”, are brainwashed useful drones of the Left, who probably also think circumcision is healthy, that GMO’s aren’t so bad either. Hell, ask them what they think of Israel and vaccines. Lmao, my point being: they’re not the most red-pilled people on Earth.

The fact any woman can tell me that we live in a “patriarchy”—holy fuck cunt, have you seen the fucking pussies we’ve been reduced to calling men in this country nowadays. Bunch of nerdy, pimply, fat fucks with no confidence that fantasize about being dominated by women every night, because they would. Not because they’d allow it. No, no, no—because, they have no balls. They are woman’s bitch. Any woman. Aye, if it makes ya happy, fuck it.