I fail to see what’s wrong with using hindsight in the attempt to get people to realize the flaws, or issues I take up with their stories. It always seems perceived that if you question someone at all, that translates to, “Oh, whatever, man. You’re full of shit. I demand proof!” That’s not what I’m saying at all.

Here’s the way story-telling goes with me, or explaining anything to me for that matter. You’re in the driver-seat. I’m going to let you steer the conversation, but I’m going to be paying attention to all the bumps on the road you may take us across, and if I feel that I must grab the wheel from the passenger seat, and ask you a question before you move on, that is my prerogative. Is it within the realm of social etiquette? I guess not for a lot of people.

But it nevertheless helps me remember procedures for tasks and puts my mind at rest. I don’t like dealing with ambiguity if I don’t have to, hence my “annoying curiosity” and tendency to ask questions when I’m confused, instead of listening blindly. Because if I can’t accept one thing, how am I going to be able to accept any of it? Your anecdote needs to meet the standards of reality and common sense, if you don’t want me to interrupt you. You don’t honestly believe most people would stand there and not question your out-of-the-ordinary tale of systemic discrimination, thexasm in da work forsh, rape kulcha, and what not—do you? 

You really think most people are going to over look empiricism (oh yea, can see or hear that happening), knowing that all technological fruits and advancements to civilization they take for granted are the product of empiricism—yea, they’re just gonna set allllll of that aside for a moment, and “hear you out”. Um—sure. We will listen. We will also question you if necessary, and if you’ve got nothing to hide, I suggest you answer and quit bitching about it.

After all, if I act skeptical and you immediately answer away my skepticism, I’ll look like the retard. Not you. However if instead of elaborating on what I’ve asked of you, you double down on your claims and insist that I ought to listen uncritically to you—you are the one who now looks foolish, and you’ve managed to make me look right, by responding in this fashion. If we had an audience of empirically minded people in front of us, they would likely be rooting for me at that point.


One of the most grueling things about Marxism—I mean Communism—I mean Feminism (sorry, didn’t have enough coffee this morning) is that in order to learn it and understand it from the perspective everyone who is a feminist wants you to, you must abandon empiricism, which for a rationally minded person is a pretty absurd suggestion. Take it from me, you can read all the Feminist literature you want. You can throw yourself into the lion’s den of social science classes. It won’t make a shred of sense to you if you’re empirically minded. All that’s going to happen is that you’re going to lose some brain cells trying to comprehend everything from “their perspective”, and some mean-spirited bitches in your classroom are gonna snap your photo and upload it to Twitter with a meme caption, “Dudebro tries to Feminism. Can’t cause penis lol.”

You might feel obligated to check these sources out and get to the bottom of things, because people often say, “don’t knock it tell ya try it man.” The thing is though, feminism is retarded. You need only link someone my article on phallagocentrism to shed light to them on its asinine effects and blatant contradictions. You don’t even have to do that though. Just read the article yourself and equip yourself with the basics to take these dumb cunts down when you see them in real life, and it is critical that you do. By-standing ignorance is just as bad as being that ignorant. We’ve gotten increasingly more socialist since FDR, and it’s because every time these morons open their mouths, someone’s always gotta go, “Shhhhh. Let them spake, mayun!”

Give me a goddamn break. Be empirical, or fuck off. Understand it, grasp it, kiss it, DEAL with it. You’re not kids. I’m not going to handle you with kid gloves.