Done with the Tube

Nope. Not exaggerating. Really done. Not gonna stop using the Tube for searching and consuming content, of course. But I’m not helping them get more popular with my hard work, when they give me fuck all incentive to do so. 

I used to upload, as a kid, thinking, “Aye, I’m shit now. But these videos will accumulate views and revenue over time, right? Plus, I’m only gonna get better and better at making content, right?” Well, not necessarily.

Yes, I have gotten better at making videos and ain’t a damn soul gonna tell me otherwise. Mah punions certainly aren’t the problem either. I’ve always gotten comments demanding explanations for my heresy.

But as of late, YouTube’s efforts to throttle me (shadowban) would be goddamn surprising to anyone who thinks I’m so irrelevant, that they wouldn’t even bother or think to make me a part of this Adcuckalypse. It’s beyond dead. It’s an eye sore to look at now. It’s agonizing to take weeks making a video, then be hit with de-monetization seconds after processing. It’s absolutely futile, wasted effort. This is a lot of work to be doing to have the privilege of basically screaming into a cave with like two or three people in it—and even they don’t hear my screams until weeks after they’ve circulated around, and they become irrelevant. 

I think the time for me to start being a big boy and expand my own platform, has rang its ugly neck around the corner in the form of random feet videos of children in the related list of every video I watch nowadays.

I can honestly say—and I frankly don’t care that this is the case—YouTube is fucking dead. 

Wow. First 4 likes I’ve had in like a month too. Fuck off.