Should Women Be Allowed to Vote?

Given how cucked men are, I don’t think it really makes a difference. The lack of power and sexual decisiveness in men naturally leads them to sacrificing more to obtain sex. I mean, a woman can literally fuck—herself. Guys need someone or something to put their dick in, which is why feminists are often threatened by blow up dolls.

Anyhow, the prevalence of cucks means that men will do many things to obtain sex, they otherwise wouldn’t do. That would include voting on their wife’s behalf. You better not vote Trump or we’re getting divorced.

Plus, if there’s anything Suzanne Venker, Lauren Southern, Ann Coulter, and various company have taught me, it’s that women aren’t the problem, as MGTOWs would have you believe. Just the female Left, which if I can be frank is the base of the Left. For I truly believe, if women couldn’t vote and no such men in America were cucked and curtailed their behavior and beliefs for anyone, this country wouldn’t have turned out nearly as left-wing as it has. I dare say we would have eventually came back around to true laissez-faire, free market capitalism, where no such economic malarchy like the Great Depression or the 2008 Wall St. shenanigans would even be possible. 

Sadly, men and women aren’t independent of each other. But it’s only sad because the status quo, the modus operandi if you will of modern America now is to think that they are or can be, when the fact is nature doesn’t want us separate. Feminism is anti-nature, anti-science, anti-male, anti-capitalism, anti-individual. Everything you value, love, and cherish, feminism probably seeks to annihilate it when you really look into it.

I’m not gonna lie. The title of this article was click bait. I actually wanted explore the question, “What kind of person should be allowed to vote?” I personally don’t think it should be some random Joe Shmoe, especially given that we live in a country full of retards. My honest perspective is that if you tested people rigorously for political knowledge and their tendency to use reason and empiricism over emotion to guide themselves—before letting them vote, most women wouldn’t be participating in elections.