Systems of Government

Anarchism — No one is “in charge”, privatization non existent (except with anarcho-capitalists), everyone fends for themselves. It’s almost like a republic, except that free market transaction, civil discourse in general is a little difficult to say the least—in a country where there are no laws, or law enforcement to enforce laws. It’s the most absurd form of government, if you can even call it one. Why? Because in a civilized society, we need entities of power providing oversight and punishment to criminals. Whoever thought this system up isn’t exactly Einstein.

Some anarchists claim anarchy to be capable of providing freedom and law, but that’s bogus. Force is a requisite for providing freedom and law. You can’t just declare laws and expect them to be adhered to, by everyone.

Examples: Somalia, Slab City, France for a short while after the French Revolution.

Law Freedom Force
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Despotism — Absolute rule of a dictator, monarch, aristocracy, etc. Everyone lives and gets the resources to do so. But their freedom is often incredibly limited. Sure, you can appeal to the king or queen or whatever, sometimes. But their power is still obtained by force and not in any fashion that you or any other citizens decide. Thankfully for law, it isn’t a process done arbitrarily though. You will nevertheless live how they say and that’s that.

Examples: United Kingdom, North Korea, lol. Yea, great job, Britain. You’ve managed to get yourself put on the same list as North Korea. You’re a genius.

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Barbarism — This one’s like despotism but with no lube. It’s what happens when you get taken over by another country, but they haven’t put down new laws for you to follow yet. You’re still in this awkward stage of basically being taken hostage as a civilian. Barbarism is just nothing but trouble, quite frankly. It provokes radicalism onto its citizens, it causes anyone in their right mind who has the ability to—to flee the country (there goes your economy), and nowadays with how much every country’s got their face stuck in another’s craw, it’s bound to start a world war.

Example: Poland shortly after Nazi invasion.

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Republic — Finally, you have democracy. Moreover, if your nation gets too big, you’ll have to go from direct democracy to representational democracy, which is the definition of a republic. A public being represented. Whatever bias I may have for this system given that I was born and raised in the US, is adjusted for by the mere fact that the most successful GDPs have consistently been for decades, ones that at least employ “elements” of capitalism. I really need not argue this point. Only a moron would challenge it.

The only system that works is system run by get this—the fucking people, comprende? No one man or group of individuals, is capable of running a nation all on their own. History has proven time after time, that they are truly arrogant and over estimating of their reach and ability—to think so.

The collective will always have a more accurate reading on the pulse of a nation, because there are parts of this collective hive mind everywhere. So all issues get addressed, not just the ones that strike the big wigs as important. Democracy is objectively—the correct government to be operating under, and that’s that.


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