Future of the Alt-Right

I don’t think I can describe how dismal I see America getting by 2050. The culture war is real. I didn’t realize it until I hit adolescence, because by then it was starting to hit its boiling point with the Trayvon Martins of the world starting to pop out everywhere.

But, Mitch plenty of minorities got shot before Trayvon.  Right you are, and the media was focused on other stuff like the War on Iraq / Terrorism / Quest for Oil. But when they realized there was a fuckton of profit to be made creating racial tension once we got a black president and suddenly half the country felt “alienated”, well what can I say—they started throwing. A fucking. Fit. Over every little thing that “puts” some black person somewhere in a bad situation.

They will keep doing this until they find a bigger gold mine. But by the time they do, the damage will have been done. Look what they’ve done so far. They’ve radicalized citizens, which means > companies are losing profit, forcing > a diverse internal change > inevitably getting back to Congress which when filled enough with “diversity-seeking” people, will > result in Orwellian legislation. I.e. straight, white, male taxes, like 5% each. Affirmative action becomes mandated so the very rare and few companies, blessed be they—I’ll never give you their names, that don’t practice it become a thing of the past. When whites try and immigrate here, it’ll be much harder for them from then on, and when a white person commits a crime, despite their clean record, no hospitality will be given to them by the justice system on account of the fact that they’ll be an absolute minority by then.

I can’t even imagine what these people will do to us once they have all the power. Hell, I almost can’t fathom the thought of them having the power, period. But it’s going to happen. One day, the voting populous will be made up almost entirely of non-whites. These clean, grey-haired dinosaurs in Congress you loathe so much now, are going to be packing their bags soon, never to come back into circulation. In their place will be feminists, cultural anthropologists, neo-liberals, and other Marxist crybaby motherfuckers.

The time to start getting malicious in our approach to solving this problem may be sooner than I had hoped. I’m dead ass. This shit ain’t going away “peacefully”. The people we need to appeal to don’t operate peacefully. So, perhaps the peaceful strategy in in of itself, is flawed here. Jared Taylor’s right when he says, “people barely take us seriously as is, you don’t wanna respond to these people with violence.” Well, Jared there are sneakier, slipperier ways of getting through to the people. It’s called appeal.

The alt-right needs a branding change. Because people are fickle. They’ll believe whatever they’re told to, so long as it makes sense and they’re given some flashy shit to look at. We’ve got the objectivitist philosophy down, I don’t know so much about our branding though. We’ve got plenty of candidates for leaders, plenty of ideas for direction on where and how to go, but no one’s daring to take charge of it and say, “Alright, we’re going this way. Western Chauvinists feel free to stay behind, we’re going towards this goal though that you’re probably not going to help us with or want to, because “race isn’t real, man.”

Alright, so my plan is this. We start showing up to all women’s studies, social classes, events of the such, any events where post modern ideals are being shared and presented. We blitz into these zones and set off thousands of smoke bombs. We can even chant, “No safety!”, as we’re doing it. We should also talk to students at universities who sympathize with us, send them gorey stuff like circumcisions to sneak onto people’s flash drives, so that they play during a presentation on (*snicker*) women’s rights. Where all mah black hat peeps at? Come awn, let’s get dish shit going.