Disease-Stricken Life

When I share my opinions on the welfare system (I think it should be abolished), the first question I always get is, “what about people born with serious debilitating, life-intrusive disorders and diseases like tourette’s and cerebral palsy?”

I can see why I get this question from people so concerned with the issues of strangers (altruists). After all what such disabled people can do with their lives is often limited by their condition, which seems to the Left to be the cruel fate of nature, one Uncle Sam is responsible for “correcting”.

Well, here’s the thing. You don’t need to correct something that doesn’t need to happen in the first place. I’m talking of course about Planned Parenthood. Yes, believe it or not, they do other stuff besides murdering babies. They can also take a simple DNA test of you and your spouse, and get back to you with almost endless information about the different outcomes that could arise, if said couple engaged in intercourse. They can warn you ahead of time if your baby will probably “come out messed up”, which if they do, might be a good sign to opt for adoption instead.

Sadly, most parents don’t give a shit about this process. Hell, most parents nowadays don’t realize they’re parents until it’s too late. But you know who’s problem that is? You know who’s really responsible for “correcting” this “obvious inequity, mang”? Them. Not John Q. Taxpayer and his 350 million brothers and sisters. Do we really need to hold everyone’s fucking hand nowadays because dayz dailin’ with dah struggle. Well the struggle doesn’t just come out of some 5th dimension through a fucking rift, people. Bad decisions are being made somewhere down the line and it’s got to stop. Grow up, America. Jeez.

So to be blunt, I don’t care if you’re born with a disease so treacherous to human nature, that it renders you unable to live for long and fend for yourself in the mean time. If your  parents didn’t, why the hell should everyone else? Looks to me like you were just brought into this world carelessly by two dumb monkeys with horribly incompatible DNA. Well, sorry champ. But that’s your parents goddamn problem, not society’s. The more we incentivize people to sit on their ass and make shitty fucking decisions in life with welfare and food stamps, the longer these kinds of people are gonna stick around, thrive, and continue to need our “help”.

Buh Mesh, isn’t a little unrealistic to expect people not to have sex all the time? No, it’s not. Absurd to expect them not to get horny, yea sure. I’ll give you that. But at the end of the day, you exercise volition when you have sex, unless you’re being raped—which that’s a whole different issue. If one can’t trust you not to have sex when you know you shouldn’t, can anyone trust you with anything? I’m not being hyperbolic. If you just “can’t help yourself” when the opportunity to fuck comes along, then you haven’t matured all the way. You’re still a child, blindly taking orders, and not learning anything from their experiences.

You either have self-control at all times—or you’re just another slave to inevitability. Sadly your worthless existence will be extended by the altruistic nature of this welfare state, so instead of not having to talk about dipshits like you because they would otherwise naturally die off (a notion I find quite arousing, I’m afraid), you’re going to stick around and with the collective effort of all your fellow leeches, make my life miserable.

How? Oh, nothing really. It’s just all the expectations, ya know. Nothing drives me fucking crazier than a lazy person—asking me to do something for them. I don’t give a fuck how nicely they ask. They’re insects to me. I have two groups of humans in my mind. There’s Group A, the Do-ers: full of people that aren’t going to fall to pieces in the face of adversity; they’re not sore losers; they have goals, ambitions; they’re extroverted not out of pressure, but through conditioned experience in the real world.

Then we have Group B, the Undesirables: people that require safe spaces or “to be at home” in order to relax. They will blame anyone and anything but themselves in the face of failure. They have ideas, but not so much a plan. They may seem extroverted, but once you say the wrong thing (unbeknowst to you probably), they’ll either go into a frenzy, or excuse themselves from you so that they don’t. 

These people are sooooo. Fucking. Weak. That the question of whether or not to exterminate them all almost isn’t even a moral one for me. The more immediate concern for me at this point would be the cost.