The Good and Bad of MGTOW

I love it when people criticize MGTOW, lazily with the following line: “I think you’re just trying to justify not getting any pussy, (*goofy laugh*).”

Let’s go over the several things MGTOW’s can do that cucks and simps can’t.

  • MGTOW’s can focus on their careers full time, which hey means they’re going to make more money.

  • MGTOW’s don’t have to pay for children, ya know those pesky homo sapiens that leech off of you for upwards of 30 goddamn years now, it seems.

  • MGTOW’s don’t have to worry about being cheated on, or broken up with. Because they’re always lonely, amirite?

  • MGTOW’s can pretty much do anything. How often do you hear someone say, ‘Oh, I ain’t doing that, man. Maybe in another life, but I got kids now.’ If you’re a MGTOW, you make the rules. No one else.

  • MGTOW’s live longer. What’s that? Need a citation? You don’t need one. Just use your head real quick. Who’s going to live longer: a guy pulling his hair out every day, binge drinking every week, cause these kids are just driving him fucking bonkers, or a man doing his own thing, going his own motherfucking goddamn way, not living every day with a brain about to combust from stress? Yea, that’s a tough one.

  • MGTOW’s make more money. But Mitch, the government gives married couples tax reduction. True. But where’s all that extra cash married couples pull in going towards? Their kids you dumb fuck. So at the end of the day, MGTOW’s and cucks are making about the same, with MGTOW’s ultimately having more spending money after bills are paid, because let’s not feign incredulity here: they have a lot less responsibility.

  • MGTOW’s are cleaner, more likely to be free of STD’s: unless they’re the half-ass, meat head MGTOW’s that like to quote on quote, ‘pump and dump, bitches’.

  • But most importantly, MGTOW’s are happier than cucks and simps. And the simple reason for that is that a cuck’s happiness depends on their partner’s happiness. A MGTOW goes his own way in the emotional department and tells those who seek to bring him down to their shitty level of misery to fuck themselves.

The good and the bad of MGTOW demonstrate the true nature of ideologies. How they promise to solve problems, but really only create more. The good thing about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is that it provides men with an incentive to focus on their careers, well-being, hobbies, assets, stuff that matters and rarely gets any attention from them because pussy’s always on the brain.

The bad thing about it is that if you think about all men becoming MGTOW, it sort of gives way to an era of an almost Jim-Crowe like environment for women, where they’re seen as helpless because of their natural dependence on men, which isn’t the case now because there’s plenty of cucks out there. But imagine if there weren’t? Women would be more radicalized into feminism than ever before, and that’s the last thing we want.

The only way MGTOW could work and not fuck things up in that slippery slope scenario, is if enough men (in fact, most) strayed from these ideals and kept the idea of “muh marriage and famree” in their heart. Cause truth be told, women can’t survive without men, so they’re not going to lose the cucks without a fight. Chalk one up more for the culture war, why not?

Yea, this is one question where I seriously don’t have a one-size-fits-all, universal answer, that seems, at the very least, objective. All I can say is, I appreciate MGTOW and all its efforts to do what it does, but I take solace knowing also that it’s not going to “work”, that is to say: they’re not going to “end” the “matriarchy”, which yea is somewhat real. Kinda. Keep in mind though, you can still leave.