Threats don’t work on me. I don’t care if you’re my boss, my parent, my best friend. You cannot get me to relinquish my power that easily. For it were that easy to shut people up, no one would even speak. Instead, a more productive, logical approach to deconstructing my arguments would be something I recommend. It’s what I do with you people.

If you’re going to make a threat, consider at least this one thing: am I really that stupid? Is anyone? Did the Columbine killers announce their plans? Did Ed Gein plaster posters everywhere announcing months in advance who his next victim would be? For that matter, isn’t the Zodiac killer like, super-well known for doing Google+ Hangouts with potential victims? Or is it possible that if one genuinely intended to commit acts of violence, they would preserve their victim’s feeling of security, and not heighten their defenses like that?! Hey, I’m not Einstein here. I’m just asking questions.

If you threaten to send scary black guys after me for using the “n-wurd”, or something ridiculous like that—what do you think’s more likely to happen? That I’m going to do some voodoo and attempt to alter mah punions for pour you; realize the error of my ways so to speak, or: am I going to sit there, laugh, and relish in the fact that I am once again, as always, correct? Because I’m just gonna web archive what you send me anyway, so if whatever you say’s gonna happen happens, you’re fucked. I’ll have the web service you used subpoena’d to give up your information, once I provide evidence as to what’s transpired. (as if, lmao) I’m also bugged all the time, streaming even—pretty often. So that if I come up with ideas for an article or something, I can just speak it outloud and look over it later when I get home. Certainly comes in handy when sneaky cunts in my life try and pull a fast one though.

Threats, hell a mere higher-pitched voice, are the tell-tale signs of a person who has been royally butt raped in the brain and can’t accept it. Someone who’s better read and understand’s the world a weeee better than they do, just put them in their place, potentially in front of many of their peers, which is not something they’re just gonna take with a smile. No, they’re going to kick and scream, maybe even dox you; try and get you fired. Why? Because you’ve won the argument, that’s why. Don’t feel harassed, threatened. Feel accomplished for exposing yet another ridiculous, narrow-minded, pitiful snowflake. You don’t even need to try and stop them when they act this way. They’ll lose all their “friends” in a matter of days, if not hours. Some of their “friends” will contact their employers (if they are employed >.>), their colleges, the malls they go to. “Karma” if you will, will bite them in the ass, whether you’re around to respond to the obvious negativity from their end, or not.

Yes, believe it or not I vaguely believe in karma. I realize though that bad shit can happen to you no matter how altruistic and fruity you are in life. I have reason to suspect though, call me crazy that if you’re a shitty person, you’re probably going to increase your chances of it tenfold. For if you’re a shitty person, you’ll probably do shitty things to many people and some of those people—aren’t gonna take it.

All that matters, your one true goal with these people is to merely get them started on this end-all, throwing all cards on the table, panic mode where they rush pathologically to get you removed from the universe, ya Nazi scum. Just give them a taste. Tease them with empiricism, and watch. Them. Squirm.

When someone threatens you with anything, being fired, grounded, denied something you want, cut off from something, whatever. Any little inconvenience or consequence you can avoid, if you simply comply with someone. Picture it. Alright, now ask yourself, “are they bluffing?” Big chance, they probably are. Chances are that if they’d do the thing they say they’re “going to do”, they’d have simply done it, and not bothered briefing you on information that’s obviously useless to you. What’s going on here is: you’re not imminent of that consequence, rather the person making the threat, hopes you’ll think so. They’re hoping the threat will be enough to scare you, because they know deep down, they wouldn’t actually go through with said threat. “You know I can fire you, right?” And yet I’m still here. “You know you got grounded last time for doing that, right?” Well, tell me how effective you think that was. “You know they got a policy against that, right?” Well, I’ve got a policy against policies.