The Worst Kind of Person

Language police come in many forms. Usually they’re cucks, or women born in or after the 60’s. These people are quick to virtue signal to you when you say something you’re “not supposed to”, as if that’s a conversation worth entertaining, or someone even worth knowing. Oh, yes. Let me alter my behavior temporarily for you, and not ask for the same. Mesh, I ded alter mah behavior for ya. (*snort*) Mmm, and all without being asked. Interesting.

Do you honestly believe your feelings matter more than my speech? That’s incredible. So where does it end exactly? I’m curious. Do you mentally rehearse everything you’re about to say and consider who in the room might be offended and how much—before you say it? If so, you’re a very whipped, unhealthy, probably miserable, and shitty human being. If not, then you’re hypocritical and probably untrustworthy. Either way, you’re in the wrong here. It’s time to stop with this foolishness of, “Oh, some speech is ‘hate’ speech.” No, you communist scum. If you stifle freedom of speech, guess what, violence becomes the only alternative. Take away that one freedom that keeps almost all your other freedoms afloat. I fucking dare you.

If you are speaking on behalf of other people, especially—and that’s what most of these shallow, pathetic cunts are doing, I really don’t give half a rat’s dick hole what you have to say. If you were offended, maybe we could have a dialogue. I’d still think you’re a pussy. But I’d at least hear you out. But if you’re trying to tell me that my speech might offend somebody you and I don’t even know or care about, I do not want to be your “friend”. I don’t want to adapt to your narcissistic needs, fuck face. Get the hell outta here. Tryna cuck me with your bullshit. I am not your drone, faggot. Piss off.

You are simply the very worst kind of human, period. You’re worse than Hitler, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, anyone. You are the maximum level of shittiness a human can be.

You: Hey, everyone. Change for me, please.

World: Oh, well. Would you mind doing this?

You: Um, yea. That’s oppression.

How anyone gets along with you, is beyond me. Oh, right. The guys are trying to fuck you and the girls are friends with you, so they look hotter by comparison. If it’s a guy, then it’s a ruse set in motion either to obtain pussy, or in the case of Steve Shives—keep it. You’re all the same. Blissfully ignorant airheads with no personality, yet tons of entitlement. You basically exist, complain that existence isn’t sparkly enough for ya, and push for changes that look to establish those ideals for poor little you, at the expense of course of every fucking body else.

You are Marxists. There used to be a time when people like you weren’t just made fun of; they were outlawed in some instances. I think we should bring that back. The red scare. Communism is not a cute idea to entertain. It’s probably the one thing that blurs the line between freedom of speech and “dangerous” speech for me. Not that I think your right to speak of such madness such be thwarted. But if you exercise it, I’ll have my fucking eye on your ass.