Hi, Venezuela. I Mean Canada.

Direct from the Ontario Human Rights Commission, as well as every other quote on this page, we have:

People who are transgender, or gender non-conforming, come from all walks of life. Yet they are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society. Trans people routinely experience discrimination, harassment and even violence because their gender identity or gender expression is different from their birth-assigned sex.

Okay, first off. People who are transgender, or gender non-conforming. The problem with this is that “not conforming” to one’s gender is axiomatic. Anyone can do it, at any time. So this essentially extends transgender people to everybody, on the grounds that they’re all just non-comformers, either in the closet or waiting to happen. You realize anyone can just say they’re not a man when they clearly are, right? You’re saying you’d let these people walk all over every employer in Canada for mah diversity, knowing that a good chunk of them are just fucking with you because they can? 

Also people don’t experience violence in a free society because they’re different. If someone beats you up, it’s not because you’re trans, it’s probably because you’re an asshole and had it coming. No one just attacks another person, violating their civil liberties unless they’ve either got an interesting story about you to tell the cops, or vendetta. So, yea. As for harassment, all I gotta say is, man I know not everyone is “above the situation” as me, but you know you can ignore “mean words”, right? It’s not like when you’re just walking around minding your own business and a guy cat calls you saying, “Hey, look everyone, a she-male!,” that it hypnotizes you into stopping dead in your tracks, turning around, and responding with hurt feelings. That’s. On. You. Also, something tells me such crude cat callers are so anomalous in a well-mannered society, that they’re really not worth living your day to day life in concern over.

Gender expression is how a person publicly presents their gender. This can include behavior and outward appearance such as dress, hair, make-up, body language and voice. A person’s chosen name and pronoun are also common ways of expressing gender.

So, as you can see here. The postmodern snowflakes that run this “Commission” are trying to equate us all into this whore shit. It’s how a person presents their gender, eh? Well, isn’t that fucking convenient, considering everyone on Earth presents their gender 24/7. It’s not exactly something you can opt out of. So remember that. Every time these fuckers walk past a normal person who doesn’t believe in their pseudoscientific bull crap, they’re thinking in their heads, itching to say out loud, “boy these beta males sure are expressing old fashion male attitudes, snort, snort.” No one is allowed an identity to these people, lol. You are whoever you seem like to them, and that’s that. Fuck these people, man. Seriously.


Man, there is a fucking policy on the website I got this shit from for everything. Discrimination based on sex, religion, age, veteran status, nationality, scholarships, drug use,  HIV and AIDS. Every nook and cranny of whiny snowflake bullshit they could attempt to satisfy, they have. No one in their right fucking mind would do business in this country anymore. If you do one fucking thing “wrong”, there will be lawsuits up your asshole and your business will go under the minute it fucking launches. Why, Canada? Why can’t you just let the snowflakes move on like adults and get different goddamn jobs? Holy fuck. Literally no one is making you do your job. You decide. Life. 101. Holy goddamn. Why is this very simple concept so elusive in the modern world?

A free society exists so that people other than you, Mr. and Mrs. Union-blowing Snowflake, can conduct themselves socially and economically as they see fit. I.e. if a fundamentalist Christian baker doesn’t feel like baking a cake for what he thinks is a “sinful” wedding, guess what—I kinda sorta think that’s maybe his choice to make? In a free society, wouldn’t you agree? No, somehow in “your” free society, everyone’s gotta somehow manage to satisfy the needs and feelings of everyone else around them before they focus on their own needs. Yea, well let me know how that works out for ya. Every fucking society that’s ever tried that dumb shit has fallen the fuck apart! But go ahead. Maybe you’ll be different, I’m sure!