The Ol’ Bad Experience

We all know there’s no such thing as a right-wing person, pff. Getha fuck outta here. What you’re probably thinking of are leftists in the closet, yea. Just betas that grew up pimply, awkward, and repulsive to women, therefore they “ended up this way”, man. Isn’t it obvious?! Don’t try and pull the same shit with feminists though. It doesn’t work both ways, come on now.

Of course, I had a bad experience. If I have no experience to corroborate my beliefs and opinions, then they’re just axioms. Worthless statements waiting to be shifted the moment a newer, shinier punion comes around. Of course, my experiences have shaped my beliefs. It would be antithetical to my Objectivist nature, to use anything other than my sensory fucking experience to shape my perspectives on any given matter.

Now, does this mean if I have an anomaly of an experience, I’ll jump to the conclusion that it must be common? Of course not. But feminism has in fact made America a promiscuous, divorce normalizing society. Thus, the fact nearly all the modern women in my life, including some in my family I’m afraid—resemble what feminists expect of women quite eerily, does make me feel as though I’m Neo in the Matrix.

I keep hearing the postmodern mantra, “these people only say what they say cause they want acceptance from peers.” Hmm, oh really? Can I get tomorrow’s lottery number too? Seems like you know a lot in the realm of the intangible. You really think you can just read everyone’s mind and decide they’re just “Nazis” out of “peer pressure”? How did you obtain this power? Just curious. Did your college professor imbue you with this power by teaching you to talk down to the “privileged”?