Pro-Life Means Anti-Woman Apparently

“If you’re going to be pro-life, you have to go all in with it. None of this, oh but if she was raped crap.” Oh, and what are the standards for women? Are all those pro-life women out there just uncle tom’s of the patriarchy, is that what you’re saying? It’s a pretty incendiary thing to say. You’re basically saying, “Look, bro. You have testicles. So that means you can’t think a certain way, because it threatens my sensibilities.” That or you’re just hilariously binary, in all the wrong areas mind you—in that pro-life translates to you as “Fuck women, yay fetuses, fuck newborns,” and pro-choice translates to you as “I’m okay with baby murder.”

Even though when you look at these positions at face value, take them for exactly what it sounds like they mean: pro-choice means “I think women should be able to choose what’s done with her body.” Where as pro-life clearly means, “Eh, it depends. There’s a life in there, ya know.”

The vaginal canals don’t dictate whether or not a person is human. Life clearly begins (not trying to be preachy; it honestly sounds like a no-brainer to me) when the first chemical reaction takes place butterflying into all others, which will inevitably create the baby. Nobody is forcing you to accept these potential chemical changes in your body. You are engaging in sexual intercourse willingly. Whether or not you’re careful about it, or how old you are, is irrelevant. 

Buh, Mesh. It’s unrealistic, it’s never going to happen, humans are hopelessly fucky, man. Be real with me here. You don’t really think you can get everyone to be abstinent, do ya Mitch? Save themselves for marriage? Do they get a dowry again too? The funny thing about this is that I have such little “faith” in humanity. I honestly believe we’re nature’s arrogant little puppets, thinking we’re free but ultimately just a slave of circumstance. Yet it’s the optimists around me, the leftists, the postmodern thinkers, the “sharing is caring” fuckers—telling me, “oh, there’s no way humans will accomplish that. There’s no way, man. Just forget about it.” But no, I’m the real cynic here, clearly.

I just thought we could excercize what little volition we know we have and change ourselves for the better. But smirking and quoting Carlin to me unoriginally, “oh, pro-life just means anti-woman, man,” seems like a much more productive approach, yea. Um, question. Pretty sure a good chunk of women in this country are pro-life, but forgetting about that for a second. Even if it was just one craaaaazy woman out there—are you saying she’s a patriarchal plant, demanding to have her own rights taken away from her? That’s a pretty high caliber assessment of a broad array of women out there. A rather poisonous one to be hearing from (clears throat) every feminist ever. We’re looking out for ya rights, sista, unless you like babies then fuck you, bigot. Get lost. Retard. Grow up; come live in the real world, for fuck sake. God, do these people still exist, really? Baby lovers?! Come on! Fucking conservatives ruining everything.

What does the word feminism sound like to you? Equality? Ending discrimination? It’s about female power. That’s what it’s always been about. Using Marxism to weaken society, thus allowing women to “flood the gates”. People think feminists are smart, intelligent, scholarly people. That they’re to be looked up to. They’re not. They’re all the same. They’ve had too many bad experiences in life not to think they’re oppressed, therefore they “know”. They’re just like MGTOW’s who “knooooow” that women are the problem, when the problem is merely bad ideas, like feminism, which shapes US legislation everywhere (do not forget this).

MGTOW and feminism are both terrible positions to have. They’re polar opposites in many regards. “Look, guys. We’re the victim! We’re the victim,” never mind neither side sees the bigger picture and recognizes all the fruits of life they both enjoy on a regular basis, that most people in the world do not. I mean I think it goes without saying if you kidnapped these types of people, whether they be MGTOW’s, feminists, anarcho-communists, neo-liberals, whatever. I think if we dropped them all off in North Korea or Somalia for a year, they’d probably come back with less of a victim complex, ya know. But you’ll never get through to these people unless they experience some kind of deep shit like that. Because ultimately our experiences shape our beliefs. Objectivism 101.

Yea pro-life is anti-woman. Yea. Because the first thing I think of when I say pro-life is women, yea. Um, no dingle berry. It’s about the fucking kids. Get it? I get that you feel oppressed that there’s a life growing inside of you and that you get shame for considering aborting it, but lemme ask you: were you “oppressed” into letting the baby daddy jam his meat stick in your craw? He asked to fuck, you said no, then he pulled out his dick, and it just hypnotized you into fucking him, right?

“But, Mitch I wasn’t really thinking about all of that. We were just fooling around, ya know.” Ahhhh. We wuz juss fuggin’ around. He told me he didn’t have a condom; I told him I wasn’t on the pill; yet what do ya know? His penis ended up inside of me, anyways. Life, ya know. Just shit. Ya know. It happens. Should one really have to pay the consequences of their actions, throughout their entire life? What a chore, man! What if I accidentally leave a candle burning in someone’s house, and it burns up, torching everything they ever once owned. Are you saying they should be able to sue me or something? That people should—take responsibility for their actions? Come on, man. Think of the wamyn.