Feminism Is Modern Lysenkoism

Trofim Lysenko was a man who taught agrobiology in Soviet Russia. There’s actually a university in Denmark that still teaches what he taught them today. What did he teach them? From 1929 to 1964 — he sat alongside Stalin and company, carrying out legislation—particularly in regards to agriculture; specifically the minimization of water use on crops.

Now, I know you know—person reading this—that the minimization of water use on crops doesn’t sound like a good thing, let alone something that would increase crop production. If you pour a full cup of water in plant A, and a spoonful in plant B—using the same seeds, same conditions, same everything, guess what—they’re going to grow at vastly different rates, if at all. Most normal people with functional frontal lobes recognize this. It’s not something that needs explaining once one has an elementary understanding of nature.

But, in the same way feminists convince everyone that there’s no such thing as gender, with time, precision, propaganda, and good ol’ totalitarianism, Lysenko managed to woo people into the spook. That genes, DNA, natural selection, and all of that was a lie perpetrated by the bourgeoisie (the rich in Soviet Russia)—and was made merely to oppress the proletariat, from which Lysenko hails from.

It’s not even that feminism acts similarly to Lysenkoism. It is Lysenkoism, reincarnated. It is a competing view of reality (and a false one), rising to the ranks, effectively crushing all the real science and findings in its path. People say, “oh, Mitch. You’re being hyperbolic as fuck. They killed people in Russia and China. At least here you have freedom of speech.” Oh, do I? Do I now?! You think I’m free to waltz into a black ghetto and scream at the top of my lungs, “Hey everyone, my white ass voted for Trump,” you don’t think I’d suffer any consequences for that? Mhm. Yea, sure. Okay. Yea, mhm. Ya got me there.

August Ames by the way totally had it coming, man. Remember, “nobody asked her to kill herself,” guys. Seriously. That matters. Unless it was a Leftist killing herself because of hatred from right-wingers—then there’d probably be a massive shit storm. But no, people have already forgotten about her, lmao. Cause fuck bigots, amirite? No Lysenkoism here though. No punishing of the wrong thinkers to speak of. No constant, unrelenting negativity from people that disagree with you. No doxing, no calling of the bosses. No tracking people down, vandalizing of their properties. No, none of that shit happens anywhere. But if it did, oh you can rest assured the media and subsequently everyone else would be all over that shit—again if it’s a right-winger doing it.

Why is it important to recognize that there are in fact two genders? Why is this point so critical that it warrants, “triggering snowflakes intentionally”? Because you are bound by the laws of nature. We’re a sexually dimorphic species. Dimorphic means that there’s two forms of us. Man, and woman. If you deny that which you are a part of, you’re denying in a sense part of yourself, which is a known characteristic of a psychopath. “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m not even here, man.” It really is a concerning state of mind for someone to be in—to be able to believe genuinely with conviction that there’s no such thing as male and female, that the fact 98% of the population comes out one or the other, is just a coincidence. We should really all be somewhere in the “middle”; it’s a spectrum after all. Are you people really that stupid, or are your critical faculties not powerful enough to keep up with the increasing size of feminism’s fist of influence? You don’t think silence will work, do ya? Ya think zipping your lips and “letting this all blow over” is the strategy to go with, huh? Well, lots of farmers shut their mouths in Russia. Lots of capitalist minds “stayed out of those weird changes” going on in China. Most of them are dead now. Oh, of course Mitch, of old age, right? No. They starved to death because it turns out, get this: socialism doesn’t fucking work.

What is to come for this country if you continue to shut up.

    • Endless frivolous lawsuits over “misgendering” and subsequently the death of business.[Venezuela]
    • Affirmative action will become legislated; Not only that, it will be a lot harsher on whites than it is now and societal permission to denigrate whites will have surpassed greatly what it is already.[South Africa]
    • Rape will eventually come to mean “penetration”; Think of what that entails for female predators.
    • The amount of people experiencing feelings of “transness” growing up is going to go up majorly, the more these “progressive” parents keep reproducing.
      • Which isn’t “bigoted” to concern oneself with, considering that one’s odds of committing suicide as a gender dysphoric person goes up from 21% to 42-46%, after they’ve had “surgery”. I know you people have the best of intentions with your “tolerance”. But there’s a line to be drawn here. You absolutely cannot encourage these people.
      • Not only is Caitlyn Jenner nothero. “She’s” an ideological terrorist.
    • Pedophilia will become tolerated; I dare even say normalized. There’s already extreme fringes of the far left that advocate for it already. They’re small now. But they’ll grow.
    • Women will one day be in charge of everything, yet most of them will delegate their most difficult tasks, if not all of them—to men below them. They’re going to reduce the straight-white-male to a controlled population, where their freedom is limited more so than for anyone else.
    • Their multicultural, socialistic legislation is going to end everything you once knew. This great nation. All gone. Fuck it. Cause we need equity, right? You people don’t care. I’m just screaming at a brick wall right now.