“First Wave” Feminists

I’m getting real sick of people equating the actions of early 20th century suffragettes to feminism. It shows just how little research they’ve done on it. Ask them what feminism is. See if they don’t spill out the most stereotypical, bullshit answer, “oh, ith about um like, equaliteeeee,” this would be the nail in the coffin for me. Yea, this person knows not one thing of the ideology they’ve fallen attached to, for whatever reason. She just wants attention. Or he just wants pussy. 

First of all, if the last thing of value—by most feminists’ own admission, feminism have “given to women and the broader society around them, was obtained basically a century ago, wouldn’t you say it’s kind of useless at this point? I mean it’s had a hundred years to do something of significance, that has measurable, positive effects on society, and it has not. So even if suffragettes were feminists, feminism is still worthless in the US. Come on, now. Don’t cite me affirmative action and all that crap. No repudiated study has come out yet (and I don’t think one ever will) saying affirmative action leads to economic growth, let alone “equality”.

I could link you a myriad of sources pertaining to the true perspective on the suffragettes. One in particular I feel, is all that is necessary though. For if the suffragettes were pro-life, it makes you wonder: just how conservative were they? Because apparently to a degree, they were. Where as feminists, hell modern women in the US in general, scoff at conservatism. Would these people really accept the label they’re being given in death (that being feminist), or would they instantly regret ever fighting for the right for women to vote in the first place?