The Gender Circle

The Gender Circle

Okay, the four on the outside are all real. Yes, there’s four genders, two sexes. This has been established for a very long time. Now, the first inner circles are where I start to do the Scooby-Doo headshake. Masculine Agender makes no sense logically. If you’re agender, that means you don’t feel like you’re masculine or feminine. So if you’re saying you’re a masculine agender, then you’re simply a man, or a confused woman. I have the same criticism for Feminine Agender.

Masculine Genderfluid makes a little bit more sense, since Genderfluids don’t claim not to “feel” gendered one way or the other. They just feel like the two main genders are playing tug of war with them. However, they are still biologically one or the other. If they’re a hermaphrodite, look at the rest of their body for clues. Men have broad shoulders that you can usually stack three of their heads on side by side (two if it’s a woman). They also have Adam’s apples. If you fail to see these features, it is most probably a woman. Very small chance it might be a hormonally challenged man, but for the most part you can rest assured: it’s a woman.

Mitch, you just made fun of LGBT’s. You must hate gays, huh? Yea, totally. Even though there’s gay people everywhere that refuse to identify with your obnoxious LGBT garbage because they don’t need obsessive representation from snowflakes. So, shit it might be the system or something I’m criticizing, I dunno. But aye, if you wanna call me a homophobe, knock your selves out.

Alright, now brace yourselves for the third inner sections, because now you’re in for some cancer. Genderfluid Agender is even more logic-deprived than Masculine Agender. That’s exactly like saying I’m an asexual bi-sexual. If you apply this term to yourself, I’m not entertaining your foolishness. You know what both of these terms mean on their own. Quit wasting everyone’s time. Although I do have a question for the nimrods that came up with this shit. Is there a difference between that and an Agender Genderfluid? If not, which I don’t think there is—why include it?

The pointy shapes on the sides are what get me though. Brace yourself for a long string of snowflakery. Uncertain and/or Agender / Genderfluid Masculine / Genderqueer. Well, first off we already covered agender. So take that off the list. Genderqueer means non-binary, which is synonymous with agender. Scratch that off the list. We covered Masculine Genderfluid, which is a mere reversal of—(*sigh*) Yea, get that off the list. So what we have left is: Uncertain. Well, thank fucking God. Hurry up and decide, so we can get rid of this pointless part of the diagram.

Last but not least, we’ve got the showstopper, and it’s fucking hilarious. Honestly haven’t laughed like a little girl ever since I saw this. I was looking at this diagram for like five minutes and I didn’t see it right away for some reason. But once I did, I died. Uncertain and/or All. Yes, you read that correctly. All. 

I am every gender and no gender. 😭😂 I think I’m gonna have a stroke.