Anti-Racism and Reverse Racism are Racist

Anti-racism, the toddler-esque idea of being against waycism, is a neat characteristic and quick little identifier of a racist, someone who alters their behavior towards another human being on the basis of skin color. Because ya see, an anti-racist is a snowflake that goes around shitting on the picnics of conversation when they hear a white person say something they don’t like. Anti-racism is something most toddlers begin doing—fuck if I know, early as shit. Why so many millennial women, and some guys (*snicker*) put this stupid fucking label on their resumes in beyond me. All that would tell me on a resume is that this person is racist as shit; not only that, but is an entitled snowflake and will probably cost me. Oh, and before I die—they all will. : D

Reverse Racism, the idea of preferentially hiring minorities (and also women) in the work place (affirmative action), is also literally racist. It doesn’t even try and hide the fact. It becomes even more racist when suggested as a necessity. “Aye, I know treating the blacks poorly in the past was bad, but I’m telling ya—if whitey gets a spanking’ for a while, we’ll really feel emancipated.” My ass. You people will never be happy. What we really should have done—was declined the offer your people made to our ancestors to sell your people to us as slaves. Aye, y’all are against slavery, right? The hours are terrible, too much labor, shit. Ohhhhh, but then you’d be roaming around in Africa somewhere looking for a week-old, dead squirrel to eat right about now, huh? Yea, so. You might not wanna “stop slavery” if you get yourself a time machine, huh champ?!

Isn’t this sort of thing hammered into a child when they grow up? Yes, Timmy, I know the other kid flicked you in the back of the head, but if you flick them back, you’re every bit as much a barbaric child as they are. We should be making opportunity equal for everyone. Yet, that’s not what we do. Everyone pushes white people around, makes them sit at the back of the bus nowadays, and they just take it, not because they’re intimidated, but simply because it is in white culture to be kind and courteous; use every diplomatic option first. The first democratic civilization ever built was the Greek city of Athens. They were white. Get over it.