Culprit of the Civil War

The American Civil War was not caused by slavery. At it’s peak, about 20% of Americans owned slaves. Many of those slaves were voluntary, white, indentured servants, whom would be given land and assets by the owner if seven years of service was completed. They were often worked to death so this wouldn’t be necessary, unlike many of their black counterparts, who now had 24/7 food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. (Oh, but it was probably so much better in Africa.)

Anyway, along came the Union bullies to say, “Aye, 20% of people in the South! Yea, you! We don’t like slavery anymore, so—we’re going to make it illegal.”

“Oh, well—do we have a say in this? I mean we’re the United States, right?

“Well, no. Human rights and shit.”

“Mmm, I see. Well, you guys obviously have your own ideas of equality, morality, and what not. Tell ya what, we’re just going to go our separate ways. We’ll stay out of each other’s way, we’ll each get to do our own thing; everyone’s happy, right?”

“Wrong. For you see, we the Union are on a grand moral crusade to fight for your slaves’ rights. You will not allow this suffering to go on any longer!”

I see, and just how exactly do you intend to go about this grand, moral quest to defend the civil liberties, integrity, and well-being of our American citizens against the “evils” of slavery?

“Oh, we’re gonna start a brutal, bloody fucking war and kill 620,000 mostly drafted, slavery-apathetic people.”

Now, I’m not pussyfooting around slavery. I know it is, was, and always will be a horrendous idea. But, to deny the long-term effects of its practice here in America is lunacy. No, I’m not talking about minorities facing “systemic discrimination”. I’m talking about black people not living in a deserted shit-hole, strolling up and down a tumble-weed covered road looking for a half-rotten dead squirrel to eat for the day, hoping of course not to run into the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Figures the people least vested in the Civil War would end up doing most of the dying for Lincoln and his all other leftist cronies. Also figures that the people that initiated this travesty and carried it out pathologically, in the name of “muh equality” were the bushwa, communist, left-wing, north-east region. Seems like no matter which way I turn my fucking head, leftists are killing people.