Don’t Feed Stray Cats (Welfare)

I love cats. I see animals as more lovable than humans in many regards; cats especially. They look cute, they act cute, they’re not too demanding of you maintenance wise. Cats are awesome. That being said, I would not feed stray cat. Because that cat needs to fend for itself. It’s got no one. One day I’m not going to be around, but that cat’s going to expect me to be there. You can’t condition these fuckers into mooching off of you, because they will. This is analogous in my eyes to the welfare system. When we see a single mother with three kids and no job, instead of trusting that she will provide for herself like an adult, we intervene, providing food stamps, tax reduction, etc.

And look what it’s done. Single motherhood, divorce, alimony, food stamps, all this entitlement bullshit. People in shitty situations because of their own shitty choices, and failing to find a reasonable approach to getting the hell out of their situation like a grown up would.  When you spoon feed the lazy, they multiply. 

The welfare system, social security, hell our whole “capitalist” totally not at all matriarchal government is like feeding a stray cat. It is akin to giving your local stereotypical disheveled homeless person 100 dollars. Ya know, for “saving”. Yea, saving him from another whiskey-less night in the subway station. Look, I don’t wanna see homeless people on the streets, or single mothers filling up communities any less than you do. I just don’t live in a fantasy dream land where encouraging their behavior will fix their problems. Um, no. It’s going to make most of them go, “Oh, shit. Well, what do you know? Turns out my reprehensible, degenerate behavior has no fucking consequences. Let’s do it some more!”