AdBlock Blockers

I use and have used Adblock for quite some time now. Ya see, I don’t like bullshit. If I can avoid bullshit in life, I will not opt otherwise. Ads are bullshit. Ads are intrusive. They never do anything for me. Yet for some reason I’m labeled an asshole by some people if I choose to do something about this, by making the ads disappear. Because ya know, whoever the person was that tried to push that ad on me—was forced to do so, I’ll bet. Yea, being financially dependent on unpredictable variables wasn’t their choice, or anything. Noooooo. All responsibility is on me, the consumer, somehow. Hahahaha.

Like I say all the time, we live in a society where he or she who has the least reach, fewest resources, and a total lack of incentive to do something about a given situation, always seems to be the one who ends up being deemed responsible.

If you equate piracy to theft, you’re an idiot. Theft is theft. Piracy is making a copy. If I cloned your couch and took the clone out of your home, have I “stolen” your couch? Do I now have a free copy of your couch that I can now sell, which you’re not going to profit off of? Sure. But you can do the same thing to me, and bottom line—you still have your fucking couch.

The fact piracy is so easy and “pervasive” on the Internet, is a good thing. That means there’s a facet of life, a means of communication, that the corporations haven’t totally beaten to death through lobbying. If you become the “victim” of piracy, what you’re actually a victim of is a little something called personal decision making. Ya see, you put something out there willingly. Yes, you asked for this to happen, to an extent. Don’t tell me you didn’t. That’s like when a girl dresses up in short shorts and wonders why everyone is staring at her ass. You knew the effect this would have, yet you still did it and expected a different effect, which makes you—a moron.

More than a moron. For fuck sake, most animals are smarter than you. Ivan Pavlov proved that most mammals understand negative reinforcement, something you clearly struggle with. If I do something, and the effect is bad for me, I’m probably not going to do it again.