There Is No American “Right”


Finally. A political spectrum graphic that’s actually accurate (save for Ron Paul not being all the way over to the Left where he should be, the UN-crying-to fuck). This is true though. There is fundamentally no difference between Marxists and Nazis. They both believe in their own perversions of equality, and believe force is not only acceptable but necessary to achieve it.

If you’re right-wing, that means one thing above all else: that you’re an individualist and you believe in responsibility. To believe that government should ever intervene in anyone’s frivolous issues, is to spit on individualism. If the government’s always going to be there to yank them out of their predicaments, what incentive do they have to plan ahead and make sure they don’t make the same mistake again? They lose their individualistic nature. They start to think, “Oh, I’m fine. The collective’s got my back.”

  • Individualism
  • Aversion to government oversight
  • Aversion to government power.
  • Aversion to secularism and postmodern thinking.

If anyone truly believes Republicans nowadays encapsulate these values, or have ever—I have to seriously question where they get their information.

  • Most Republicans are for the death penalty. “Yea, I don’t like small government. But I don’t mind if the government kills people I don’t like.”
  • Most are pro-war and antsy to spend more and more on the military. Why? Oh, ya know. S–s–small government…and shit. No, the real reason is that they’ve bought into the war on terrorism. You mean to tell me that these individualists feel like they’re being threatened by some vague threat out there in the ether? Kind of reeks of snowflake to me.
  • Most prefer that the minimum wage not be raised, failing to see the bigger picture and realizing that had there been no such mandated wage in the first place, that their options for employment would be far less limited. 
  • Most are anti-drug, with a pathological desire to see drugs criminalized everywhere. Because nothing says small government like raiding someone’s house and throwing a flash grenade at their newborn’s fucking face.
  • But the nail in the coffin for me personally is that you will seldom find a Republican, or anyone in this country for that matter that doesn’t support Israel and champion a “strong alliance” with them. Ya, so much for nationalism. So much for America being that good ol’ sovereign super power. But, whatever. Following other country’s rules and regulations is cool, I guess.

The point I’m trying to make here is that if you are truly—right-wing, you’re more alone than you might realize. Republicans and Libertarians are nothing more than shills for the Global Zionist Elite. They’re every bit as slimy, untrustworthy, unreliable, and conniving as Democrats. The Democrats are just more open about it, and that’s mostly because they are the status-quo. They have no need to “cool it”. They outnumber us, viciously. This country will never be “right-wing”, and as far as my research has gone, it never has been.