Net Neutrality Is Done! :D

Oh, pardon me for not shitting myself over socialist legislation being removed. Can you believe all these Leftist pussies sending Ajit Pai death threats over this shit? Although if Pai frequents my blog, he should know not to pay threats any mind.

From Lifehacker:

According to a 2015 broadband report from the FCC, over 70 percent of Americans are lacking high-speed Internet access, or can only get broadband internet from a single provider. Not exactly a legislative move that promotes the spirit of competition.

I suppose so, if we lived in North Korea. Some kind of totalitarian state where what you have is what you get, and if you try and get any more, you’ll be sent to the gulag. Sounds to me like 70% of Americans need to move. Oh, but that’s so unreasonable huh? I mean why are you forcing me to go on this adventure? You mean to tell me I have to deal with major change in my life incrementally at least every five years?! The oppression!

Oh, but I’m probably being over simplistic. It’s not just their “lack of option”, right. It’s also because Americans are hedonistic and self-indulgent. I mean, look how fat we are, for fuck sake. Maybe 70% of Americans just—can’t seem to save themselves a nickel to move. Hmm. Bummer. I couldn’t cough up the solution to that if I dare tried.

No, the real reason for that 70% figure is that net-neutrality is ridiculous. ISP’s have more power now. That’s a good thing. No longer can the big corporate giants throttle and shadow-ban you and your wrong-think friends. Well, they can. But it probably won’t be the biggest priority to them, considering they’ll now have every ISP in the world sending them “upgrade packages”. Ya know. The “optional” kind that allows customers access to their site sooner than a week.

You wanted to be on “equal ground” with the big, scary corporations. Well—you are now. You’re both being “oppressed” now by the ISP’s. Neither of you can bitch about each other now, because even if you guys teamed up, you just won’t avoid the ass raping that all the major ISP’s in the world like Verizon, AT&T, and such are going to bestow upon thee.

Ever stop to think okay, what if I do have many ISP’s to choose from? Would it matter worth a fuck which one I picked on a net-neutrality net? No. It wouldn’t. Which is why you tend not to find more than one or two ISP’s in a given area. That feeling of “Oh, fuck. We’ve only got one ISP here,” isn’t a feeling worth feeding, for this is an “issue” that will solve itself, as free-markets tend to do. 

Also, one more question for all the people who have bought into the hysteria over net-neutrality. Was the Internet “fascist” in any way, before 2015? Because if not, then you’ve just admitted that we don’t need net-neutrality. Which leads to the inevitable question, well what’s bad about it then? Well, gee I don’t fucking know Einstein. Refer back to that quote up top and you tell me.