People like Bad Mouse Productions are for some reason incapable of grasping the fundamental nature of capitalism that makes it the economic system. It’s not a matter of opinion. We’ve been civilized for at least 5,000 years, we as a species, have been rigorously testing everything besides capitalism; what we’ve consistently found is that most of them (communism in particular) have serious flaws.

Capitalism is the only economic system that works. For an economic system to work, it needs to produce goods and have happy citizens. Without these things you have nothing, and if you’re missing one of them, you’re on the verge of nothing. How do goods stop being produced? Gee, I dunno. How about when governments poke around in people’s business saying, “alright, here are your new laws for the day.” Makes it sort of difficult doing business in a schizophrenic country that can’t make up it’s mind as to how ruthlessly it wants to eviscerate its business-people’s assholes with its greasy, bureaucratic cock.

When do you stop having happy citizens? Why, it follows as a consequence to having raped your businesses in the ass with socialism of course. How do you fix this? You don’t. The country’s brain dead. Move before you starve to death. That’s all I have to say. When a country starts doing overtly socialist shit, run! Don’t fucking fight. It’s dead. Go! Everyone continuing to live in Canada, Venezuela, and Sweden are sitting ducks. One day that will be the case for this country as well, I’m sorry to say and I certainly don’t want it to be. But Americans have always been susceptible to change, even when it’s not good for them.

It’s a shame that the very best economic system ever made objectively: Laissez-Faire capitalism, hasn’t been enough for the poor, poor old, fuckin’ snowflakes. It’s a real shame those fucking geniuses don’t appreciate this beautiful fucking system they take advantage of and use to spread their dumb ass messages ad nauseum. Because they’re wearing the emperor’s new clothes, bitches. It’s their way, or the high way. These are the kinds of people that have me questioning every day whether or not genocide is truly a bad thing.