Centrism / Apoliticism (Myth)

SJW’s and postmodernists aren’t the brightest people. But believe it or not, I agree with them on one thing. Everyone is political, even if they say they aren’t. Not only that, but you can make just about any conversation political if you’re skilled and ballzy enough. Politics is simply the process of making policies. That’s it. It doesn’t extend to just government. Everyone has a vision for the world. A way in which they “want” everything, even if they consider themselves ignorant on that which is necessary to run a society. It’s just a matter of figuring out if they’re left leaning or right leaning, and this is easier to figure out than you’d think.

Just ask yourself: are they the kind of person that thinks “sharing is caring”, or do they see at least a little bit of selfishness as a virtue? The sharing type is bound to be a Leftist. The individualist is more likely to embrace the Right. Obviously you can’t tell what party they’re in, or side with, unless you ask them. But to figure out in which region they would probably lie on the political spectrum, is a no brainer once you see them put their political principles to action, subconsciously of course in the case of “apolitical” people. People live their politics. They don’t really have a choice.

Right wingers do not love unconditionally. They worry primarily about themselves, and then of course family and other folks that have managed to earn their friendship. Leftists are obnoxiously selfless. They spend so much time trying to please everyone and surround themselves with happy faces, that they sacrifice a bit of themselves, and a lot of the times their future to do it.

A person who feels offended when someone eats a dozen donuts in front of them, because they felt, for what reason I could not possibly theorize to you, that they were entitled to at least a donut: these are the kinds of people that lean Left. A Right winger would react to this situation like, “Oh, those look good. I think I’m gonna go get some for myself!” A Leftist expects you to think of other people when you buy these donuts for yourself. That’s the fundamental core of their position. Replace donuts with anything, and that’s usually how they react to such “selfishness”.

They really don’t like to extend credit all the way, hell even a little bit half the time, to themselves, for accomplishing anything—ever. That’s another integral aspect of their position. To constantly extend thank you’s and praise the names of people whom they goddamn well received no help or slack from whatsoever. “I didn’t make this, man. ‘we’ made it! (*jerk motion*)”

I’m not getting onto them for congratulations team mates, co-workers, people that legitimately of course helped them. What I’m getting at is when these bourgeoi, progressive types talk about, “Oh, man. I wouldn’t have any of this, unless somebody done built me these roads, and provided me with public schools, police, and blah blah blah.” As if they asked to be born and asked to have to work for a living doing something, to a degree with said roads, schools, and what not. Yea, it sure was nice of these people to help you slave your way through life, huh? Give me a break.

So which is it? Are you I—the Right, or we—the Left? Individualism, or collectivism? Internal goals, or external goals? Selfishness, or selflessness? Conservatism, or gluttony? Of course I am painting broad groups of people with the same brush here. But no one’s a mysterious enigma with their politics, no matter how much they act. Ask any centrist to take a political test honestly. I guarantee not a single one will land in the centerEveryone is biased. Get over it. No one is immune from showing one or more characteristics with the other side.

Now, you might be thinking, “well, gee. If the Left is concerned with the collective, and the Right is for the individual, doesn’t that mean that having a government at all is a Leftist institution? (*que dramatic music*)” Why, yes. Yes, it does, and the more powerful that government, the more Left it is. Nazis were not right-wing, for example. They disarmed their citizens for fuck sake (gun control). But they weren’t as bad as Stalin and Lysenko who didn’t believe in individualism at allunlike the Nazis which clearly did, obviously too much. Everything the Nazis came to understand about the genetics and DNA of pure German people (or any human beings for that matter), were notions Stalin had his people spit on, less they be sent to the gulag.

Of course this means that being “maximum” right-wing would entail being an anarchist. The scary thing for me personally is that I have a lot in common with anarcho-capitalists. The only thing I disagree with them on is the anarchy part and if you read this post I wrote on systems of government, you’ll see why.