Contrary to what most of my dimwitted coevals would say, I am no lover of sluts. I think they’re doing a monumental disservice to their nation, especially if they’re a woman. Why? Because women decide through their sexual behavior who the next generation of humans will be. Assholes exist in this country largely because of slutty women. Either they fuck often because they’re socially pressured to do so (feminism), or they’re unattractive, lonely, and will settle for any Joe Shmoe that cums along. Either way, the person that impregnated them is an asshole. They themselves are probably selfish assholes. So it’s pretty easy to see why their children end up obnoxious, selfish, arrogant sons of bitches, isn’t it? Asshole + asshole is supposed to = not an asshole? Give me a break. How about you pseudo-parents and pretend adults learn to take some responsibility for your actions, huh? Yes, believe it or not. Some things are your fault. Hahaha, yes the laws of cause and effect don’t go out the fucking window when you have a child. Not sure how exactly you ended up with that paradigm.

“Mesh, it’s unrealistic and pointless to push for. You’re not going to get everyone to stop fucking, ya party pooper.” You’re right. Not without all this incentivization to be promiscuous, we won’t. We have to stop abortion, alimony, child support, and all this bullshit that entitles single mothers to special privileges. Hell, the worst thing about pregnancy at this point (for the woman involved) is the potential reconstruction of her body. Financially, emotionally, and all that—she’s fine and dandy, thanks to her baby daddy’s moolah. This needs to change. When women “accidentally” get pregnant, they need to suffer. Otherwise, future women will walk all over the system, playing us all like a fucking fiddle, exactly as she did.

When you feed a stray cat, it’s not going to “live another day” and find itself a new home eventually, it’s going to stick around and maybe even bring some friends next time. You cannot give lazy people help. It does them no good. It does Uncle Sam no good. Love and sex have to become linked again. If you’re going to fuck someone, you better goddamn be ready to have their kids. Not kid. Their kid! If this doesn’t happen, then the amount of single mothers in the country is only going to continue to rise. More suicide, more school shootings, more alienation from reality. Aye, if that’s the kind of thing that gets you off, by all means—just don’t call it parenting. 

Everyone should be abstinent and “with themselves” until and if they find someone. Not just someone to swap genital fluids with. But someone they can talk to every day and never get sick of. Someone whom they’ve come to know to be trustworthy. Someone who sacrifices for them unprompted, without hesitation. It’s going to take at least a year to know for certain if the person meets such qualities. You better do five though. “Five whole years on the first date?! What the hell have you been smoking, Mitch? I want some.” Objectivism, my friends. That’s what I’ve been choking on lately.

Handouts are an inherently bad thing. They’re evil when funded by the tax payers. They exacerbate the problems and allow them to grow. When a woman opens up her legs, it’s like opening Pandora’s box if it were stuffed to the brim with entitlement programs. Stop allowing the unworthy to thrive. Let the stupid die off, and let those who wish to make intelligent life decisions prosper peacefully without them.