Political Correctness

I can’t think of a more bullshit term than political correctness. I mean just think about it, uncritically for a second. Is anything “correct” in politics? No! Politics are like assholes. Everyone’s got one and they all smell different. Some smell similar to others, but they are all nevertheless off from every other by a little bit. Even if 100% of humans shared a belief in politics, that belief wouldn’t be “correct”; it would just be the standard.

Political correctness is yet another instrument of the Left used to cuck white people into submission and permissiveness of multiculturalism and diversity. Think about it: would any right minded Leftist call someone like Milo Yiannapoulis politically “correct”? No, they wouldn’t. No, how do you know it’s “just a white thing”? Because more often than not, these some Leftists will then turn the other cheek when particularly vocal black supremacists start shooting their gums.

Politically correct doesn’t even mean what it semantically sounds like it means. If someone identifies as PC, it means one of two things and it depends on their skin color.

A) Whites – They have been brow beaten into thinking white identity is an absurd concept. More ridiculous is that some of them even find the same tribalism among non-whites to be “understandable”. There’s no beating around the bush with it. These people are cucks.

B) Non-whites – They have been coached into believing they are oppressed. That no matter what they do or strive to do, some spooky system out there will always be there to keep them one step below ze evil Caucasoids (ya know, the ones that invented democracy).

Political correctness all comes down to having “the right opinion” on something, or saying something “properly” or euphemistically—with enough fucking syllables and extra phrasing—so as not to upset any goddamn emotionally challenged strangers lurking in the audience, waiting to be triggered. 

It exists for the sole purpose of socially disarming whites so that any and all legislation may eventually be passed against them, including but certainly limited to outright extermination.