“N-Word” Is Racist

No, not the dreaded word itself. I mean the disguising of the term like a fucking child into this euphemistic, “clean” version for weak-minded snowflakes. “Oh, you shouldn’t say the ‘N-word’, man.”

Why? Are black people around me going to melt? don’t think so. think they can handle it. If you think they need to be coddled and treated like babies, merely because of their skin color, that’s all fine and dandy. Pursue that notion all the hell you wish. But I hope you take the time to ask yourself, “could this behavior be seen as, oh gee I dunno—racist?

Cause it certainly seems to me that you’re the racist here and I’m the enlightened one. Not that I want to go around saying nigger. It’s a dumb word, phonetically. But the fact it’s an unofficial law of the land in a sense, that whites not say nigger, is something I find troubling. Call me a princess. I just consider it akin to telling blacks not to drink from that specific fountain, ya know? Why are you telling me I can’t do something because of my skin color? To prevent me from being “racist”, even though you yourself are fighting perceived racism with actual racism?! Give me a break. Go fuck yourself. You’re not anti-racist. You’re a bigoted, Leftist fraud. Go dance in your traffic. Fuckin’ scum bag pieces of shit trying to muddy up free fucking speech, of all fucking things. Eat. A fucking. Razor, cunts.

Honestly, how fucking long do we have to take this shit? How long are other cultures and entitled, lazy, shitty, useless white people gonna walk all over this country, before the bulk of you realize we’re being raped—by the Left—with no lube! That we have been on a path to totalitarianism since the end of the 19th century. Cultural Marxists are the epitome of pretend. They’re faker than Pamela Anderson’s “tits”, and if you think these people are your friend—ya might as well be one of them.