Can Non-Whites Be Alt-Right?

Of course they can. Alt-right is ultimately about identity. Yes, alt-right means “something white” to me. But that doesn’t exclude minorities from having a sense of racial pride and supporting voluntary separatism as well. It’s not just white people that dislike affirmative action, integration, and multiculturalism, ya know.

You don’t have to be white to realize that a subtle, ever-growing genocide of the white race is happening, globally. Look at South Africa for crying out loud. Whites are being outright murdered for their race; cut up into pieces. Because ya know, my ancestors harassed your ancestors, so that gives you the right to be shitty to me. 

If you don’t think whites are going to be extinct at the rate of “diversity’ we’re going in the next thirty to fifty years, you need to do some more research and wake up. If you don’t mind the idea of whites going extinct, I implore you to research democracy, civil liberties, capitalism, basically all the fruits of life you take for granted today. Really research those things. Because there’s a first for everything, and almost every first in these categories consistently has been someone white or a massive population of whites.

Does that mean if you leave non-whites alone with no whites, they’ll all kill each other like savages? Probably not. Would they have conceived of and built the society we know and love today though? It’s hard to say, for it would seem that what separates whites from other races is their “enhanced” sense of altruism. Most whites just wanna hold hands with everyone and sing goombahya. Which is why it’s been so easy for the bullying multicultural Left to muddy up the developed world. It’s not that white people are scared of the Left. Nor have they been brainwashed into accepting it, less they get brow-beaten to death. The fact of the matter is: racial pride is something whites for the most part, find ridiculous.

After all, how could I truly be proud of my race, and not hate non-whites? It’s obviously one or the other, I mean come on. If I dare to think that whites specifically are cool or anything above average I guess, then that would be a slippery slope to thinking anyone who isn’t white couldn’t be cool or above average. The same folks that will give you this line of reasoning won’t hold minorities to that same standard though. Black pride? Asian pride? Who cares?! Maybe if us damn white people weren’t “oppressing” them so much, they wouldn’t “need” it, huh? No, the real reason is: it isn’t in the nature of whites to have racial pride. They see it as antithetical to “equality”, and only because they have no idea what true equality really is. To them, equality comes from equity, the state of all outcomes having been equal across all participants, which you might think requires a little um—rigging? That’s because it does. The mostly white Left is anti-choice. Because when people are given freedom to choose, it frightens them. What if they engineer a ruthless system of “muh-pression”, huh? You just gonna sit there and let them have their “freedoms”, no retard. Obviously, we have to intervene. How could you say no to the government stealing your money? Do you hate your country?