I Don’t Even Care

How many times have you heard someone say that they “don’t care about something” that they then go on for minutes rambling, somewhat angrily about. How often when having a heated discussion, does it end for you with the person saying lazily, “I don’t give a shit.”?

I love this song. Peter Gabriel’s better, but that’s beside the point. The lyrics are still stupid, as is the song title. If you don’t care Phil, then why’d you make the song? You realize the effort it takes to release a full-fledged song, right? When people say they don’t care about stuff, but then clearly care about that stuff, it’s concerning. Because that person knows they’re full of shit, yet they’re shamelessly trying to fill your head with non-sense. Kind of makes you think, what else would they tell me, had they come to the conclusion in their twisted heads that it would be beneficial for them to do so?

It’s the same kind of person that makes small talk. That dumb bullshit where you go up to someone and ask how they’re doing, even though you give absolutely no fucks, and they probably know you give no fucks—yet they still respond, because if they don’t, they will be appear rude. I hate that shit, with a fucking passion. One of the most irritating things about our “social norms”, I tell ya. Yea, a “normal person” apparently goes around pretending to give a shit about people, and demonstrates no actually apathy towards the things they “don’t give a fuck about”. Wrap your mind around that.

I wish we were less socially castrated. If you’re going to speak in life, which often is mandatory, you can’t seem to A) be able to truly speak your mind, because you probably think some fucked up thoughts just like the rest of us, or B) not speak at all, for as I said earlier, you’ll just look like a rude, socially inept moron. Instead you have to fuck with dial of your speech and adjust it to your environment. You essentially must walk, talk, and act like a cuck 24/7. Few share in the frustration with me. Most people don’t seem to consider this a bother. do. I dare say it’s a mild form of oppression.

It’s a good thing we’ve got law though, to keep all you silly gooses in check when you try and silence the Right. I mean it’s not like we had the Sedition Act of 1918, which made it a literal crime to criticize the government. Oh, but that was only nearly a century ago, who cares? Um, do, considering it occurred after 2/3 of our country’s life was over. Nearly 200 years of Uncle Sam’s “freedom” yahoooo, and what do we get? Fascism. Overt, dictatorial, textbook—fucking—fascism, and from which direction do the cunts responsible hail? Why the motherfuckin’, postmodern, shit-eating Left of course.