Marxism / Hedonism (Correlation)

You might have noticed a seeming lack of vigor and ambition in today’s postmodern American woman, and to a lesser extent the men as well. I bring this up because it is incredibly common for women to enter into Gender Studies, a class that coddles them and the victim mentality they’ve been instilled with growing up, and teaches them basically that they can do no wrong. When they fuck up, it’s not them. It’s the system, man.

Yet the first thing a good 60-70% of these women do after finals is head right to a bar, slam a bunch of beers, and start sharing their eggs with every Mike, Chad, Steve, and Chuck that wants to slide in for a few minutes. Ayo shawty, bend over shieeeet. Then they get pregnant, and because they’re either pro-life (which they should be), or because they can’t afford an abortion (which is their own fault), they keep it, despite the father having expressed interests in, get this—not being a father. Gee, where are all these dysfunctional, shitty families in America coming from? The world may never know! It sure is quite the goddamn mystery, I’ll tell ya that.

Could it be that maybe you’re not a victim? Could it be that maybe you make bad decisions, as did one or more of your parents; hence the divorce? Is it possible that if you’ve grown up in a household pulling in 120 thousand a year, that maybe—just maybe—you sound like a racist idiot and a humongous tool when you bring up privilege? Do you not think that the normal, rationally minded person you’re talking to is going to be thinking anything other than, “Wow, this person sure has an ass-load of self-awareness!”

Marxism and shitty, entitled humans honestly go hand in hand. They almost need each other, in a sense. Without shitty people, Marxism would have only rational, hard-working, well-rounded people to appeal to; thus it would likely die off. Without Marxism, shitty people wouldn’t exist either because if you’re forced to earn what you want in life, it gives you character. If you get everything you want handed to you in life, you’ll never grow. You will continue to engage in hedonism until you’re 40 and it starts having serious diminishing returns for you. (I.e. menopause, major metabolic changes, etc.) That’s exactly what Betty Friedan did. She thought she was Superwoman. That she could do it all. But she bit off for more than she could chew, and instead of assessing that mistake and learning from it, she wrote The Feminine Mystique in 1963: a feminist propaganda piece that frames marriage in America as a “trap” for women.

Karl Marx was an awful, entitled hedonist. He didn’t grasp that some of his decisions had bad outcomes, therefore he thought somebody should take the responsibility of making his life not as shitty, even though he always possessed agency over his life and could change it any time. But up the his 70’s he went, preaching this retarded fuckin’ collectivist message. That we should all just stop being self-interested, and worry about each other. If I could go back in time, and kill either Marx or Hitler, but I could only choose one—let’s just say I’d be apologizing to a lot of Jews in the present day.

Marx > Lenin > Lysenko > Stalin | Mao | Guevara | Castro

Do I need to spoon feed this to you? If so, I can gather the total body count thus far, compare it to the ol’ Third Reich, and display it here. But I don’t think it’s necessary at this point. I think if anyone seriously contests whether or not communism results in um—death—they’re willfully ignorant to a degree I honestly find threatening. I don’t mind people talking about communism, entertaining it as an idea. Just know this. If you are going to associate with communism, I am naturally going to assume you’re not the best type of person. In fact, when I see your face on a newspaper in a mortifying article about you getting yourself into some legal trouble, I won’t think anything of it. I will have seen it coming. People who think communism’s a good idea have a superficial understanding of reality, don’t give a fuck for nuance, and think the whole thing’s “just been executed badly”, which as I said should frighten you. That person’s basically saying, “Psh, if were in charge of Soviet Russia, they’d have been fiiiiiine.”

Besides, something tells me from what I know thus far, that killing Marx would have stopped Hitler as well anyway, for in all honesty, the Nazis and Communists have a lot more in common than people realize. Really, the only difference is that Nazi’s had racial pride, while the soviet proletariat thought “everyone was the same”, that humans only developed the way they did because of the system, which is exactly what feminists believe about the modern American man—that the system forces them to “come out bad”, thus we need to change the system. What could they possibly change about a capitalist society to make it more “equal”? I dunno, but if the question gives you the chills at all, that’s because it should.