People solve problems by communicating, exchanging information, coming up with ideas, and then executing them. If we are to solve all problems, or at least the problems we can tackle, speech must have absolutely no limits. If we cuck ourselves to the entitled snowflakes, we are deliberating opting to solve less problems, if any. 

If you make someone afraid to speak to you, they will never come to when they have real fucking problems that you might have the solution to, and you cannot blame them for that. For you have snowflaked them away like a goddamn pussy with no balls, no skin, no dick. Fuck me, why do words hurt you?! Because you’re a hopelessly pathetic vagina with no sense of humor, oh and that’s my fault. Gotcha. 

If you’re going to complain about the word “snowflake”, prepare to get under my radar and be called a goddamn snowflake a lot more. Not to spite you. This isn’t that nananana-booboo child’s play stuff. This is about unmasking you, for a snowflake is in fact, someone who cannot handle certain subject matter. Don’t like the word “snowflake”, guess what snowflake, you’re a snowflake, and if you wanna lose the label (at least on my end), stop giving a shit and respect free speech. It’s pretty easy, quite reasonable honestly. Feel free to start acting like a functional adult anytime now. 😀


In all seriousness, free speech is the most important right we have. It is the grand tool we can use to solve most all our problems, now and going forward. I’m not being hyperbolic in the following video, when I suggest that taking it away (which by making any bullshit, “tiny” regulations to it, you are—Canada. >.>) will result, rightfully in violence. Ain’t ya ever heard, “we are the voice of the voiceless,” followed with gun fire and explosions? That old cliché? It’s not fiction. If people have grievances and they’re not allowed to speak up about, or you’ve made them frightened to, expect them to commit murder. Beautiful, bloody, goddamn murder.

It’s about to shroud you all and I’m excited for the shit show, frankly.

Oh noooooes. I wost a thubthkwyyyburr.

Why can’t I please everybody?

Goddamn my imperfections!