Hedonic Treadmill

Supposedly, you can only have so much money before your “happiness” starts getting affected. I find that absurd, considering everyone has different brain chemical compositions. If you want to make the argument that over 250,000 thousand a year, I will start being less mindful of my money and get into bad spending habits, I suppose there’s room for a debate there. But if you’re gonna tell me the quantitative boundaries of something you obviously know nothing of, like my “happiness”, prepare to get a funny look back.

The Hedonic Treadmill is socialist bullshit. A term made by the Bernie Sanders of the world. The people who hate those “evil, greedy” billion dollar corporations. This phrase was made by those kinds of people to cuck people into rejecting their own self-interest. Don’t let these fascist, far-left fuck faces tell you about your happiness. They know nothing of it, clearly. There’s no science behind it. It’s conjecture. The goal of it isn’t to inform you, or educate you. Its purpose is to brow-beat you into rejecting capitalism, the central component of Western society.

There is no treadmill. If you can’t gain any more happiness beyond 250k, then you’re a shitty investor. There’s really no excuse. Money took us to the moon for fuck sake. You can’t sit there and tell me you can only do 250 thousand dollars worth of stuff before you’re all burnt outMaybe some pussies, certainly not everyone though. I’m a materialist. All that matters in life is stuff. Having as many material possessions to turn your attention to ad neusuem, thus keeping you busy and occupied until death—as possible. Not saying love, family, and all that shit isn’t important. It just comes second. 

The thing about stuff is—you can never have too much of it. Otherwise, you’re a weak pussy and should just hand it over to a real motherfucker that can handle it. I don’t just want mansion. I want all mansions.