Echo Chambers

I’m often accused of living in a bubble, an echo chamber if you will—for I am very “this or that” in nature and most of my perspectives are right to far-right leaning. That doesn’t change the fact that I not only tolerate Leftists, but have actively consumed some of their content for years because it genuinely entertains me. Particularly in the case of TJ Kirk, who yes, despite him probably rejecting this label, he’s undoubtedly a Leftist. Nevertheless, he is fucking hilarious. I don’t take everything he says as the gospel, but he never ceases to give me a good laugh. Most of my friends and family are Leftists or at least left-leaning as well, so to say I live in an echo chamber is a little ridiculous.

If I am hearing out multiple perspectives and choosing the one that makes the most sense to me, how is that living in an echo chamber? It isn’t, unless you live in crazy, down syndrome, lala-land. How about you take some time to introspect. Hmm, could be living in an echo chamber myself and just be projecting? 

In all honesty, no one in America lives in an “echo chamber”. Know why? You can’t escape different points of view, cunts. It ain’t possible! Even in North Korea, where not living in a supposed “echo chamber” could get you killed, it still fucking happens! Echo chamber, like the hedonic treadmill, is yet another socialist, bullshit, propaganda fuck toy used to rape you into being a Leftist robot.