Supremacy Is Not Racist

I am not a white supremacist. But if I were, that wouldn’t inherently mean that I hate non-whites and want them to be mistreated. Supremacy is all about who’s superior, not who’s inferior. One can have white pride and non-white friends. It’s piss easy.

Now, what’s the purpose of white pride? What are we as whites missing out on by opting not to “lower” ourselves to this “hateful” tribalism? Well among other things, our collective self-respect. We allow other cultures to walk all over us, because we’ve got nothing to fall back on. They’re just gonna say,  “Ain’t you the niggas always askin’ for diversity and shit?”

It’s not impossible to make generalizations about non-whites, but it is a challenge to do it without stirring up controversy. Because non-whites have a healthy sense of racial pride, especially black people. They’ve got a strong racial consciousness. In-fucking-penetrable, if you haven’t noticed. That’s totally fine by the way. Society sees no problem with that, at all. It’s when white people do it that it bothers them. But they’re not racist. Not one bit.

Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of supremacists are in fact racist as shit and shouldn’t be taken the least bit seriously. But that’s because they’re racist; not because they’re a supremacist. The two are not linked; they don’t correlate. Get that shit out of your head.



The phrase white supremacy is used to be dismissive of people with perspectives like mine. The issue with it fundamentally is that I, as well as many others in the alt-right, are in fact, not white nationalists, nor supremacists, nor separatists. So in trying to “accurately” portray us in the mainstream, much of modern journalism towards the alt-right has become unapologetically slanderous.

A white nationalist wants an ethnostate, where non-whites are non-existent. just want freedom from diversity. I’d like to be able to move to an all-white neighborhood, if I choose. To hell with what you think about it. It’s my right not to have to associate with people I don’t want to. I’d like to be able to work with mostly whites if I can. Why? Because they’re the most likely for me to relate to, and thus get along with. Nobody gets mad at Mexicans, Asians, and whoever for saying, “Yah, I kinda wanna be with my own kind.” Whites are the primary recipients of this anti-pride, “diversity” hysteria.

A white supremacist thinks whites are the best. Now, this you literally cannot prove unless you’re a mind-reader, or someone has explicitly told you that they are one. So if you throw this phrase around to people who wouldn’t describe themselves using ityou’re in fact claiming that which you don’t know to be true, which makes you as foolish as fundamentalist Christians that “know” God is real. It’s also libel/slander.

Even if I did think whites were the top notch human beings (which that honor obviously goes to the Asians), who gives a shit?! That doesn’t inherently mean that I don’t see value in non-whites. That would just simply mean that I think whites are capable of more than any other race, which like I said replace whites with Asians, and I’m pretty much there. do think Asians are best. I mean that sincerely. That said, I don’t want their population here to exceed what it is, nor do I want that for any non-white group. Because it’s not about who’s superior. It’s about who’s—fucking—land it is. Leftists think it’s everybody’s and anybody’s. The American “right-wing” (yes I refuse not to put that in quotes, every time.) thinks it belongs to everybody in America (*jerk motion*), and the alt-right recognizes that all these roads, schools, businesses, and innovations we take for granted today were put here for us by our ancestors. Is it really logical to be trusting it in the hands of a majority population that’s not of our land, and thinks pitiably of our morals and values?”

A white separatist is someone who believes in segregation and using force to obtain it. I believe in the natural tendency and efficiency of segregation, considering we are a tribal species—something of which will never change. Democracy only “works” (and badly) if the people can all agree on a shared goal. Every culture has different values. We’ve obviously got our national interests in of better mind than any foreigners. They might talk the talk with their cries for big government, but they do not walk the walk and if they think coming over for a few years on a visa to work minimum wage changes that—they’re delusional.

Gentrification and white privilege are two concepts that must leave the collective American consciousness if you want people like me to “fuck off”. This country does not magically become “your’s” after learning just enough English to come over here and run a convenience store. country becomes your’s if you can identify with it, and contribute something of value to it. To identify with a nation is to have enough characteristics with the majority in common, to self-actualize and gain the system anywhere within it. For example, do not identify with Somalia. For even if I were black, I still don’t know the first fucking thing about how their government (or lack thereof, if we’re not kidding ourselves here) works. So I can’t identify with them. Likewise, they can’t identify with the United States.

For something you’ve contributed to have value, it must affect lives in a measurable, positive way that couldn’t be done otherwise. Henry Ford for example is pretty much solely responsible for everyone using cars today. Because until Ford, you had to make cars by hand and they were ridiculously expensive. It doesn’t have to be on the scale and influence of Ford. But your work needs to be capitalized on, like having a scientific paper cited. That means that your work wasn’t in vain. It allowed other work to happen.

According to Jordan Peterson, about 80% of Humanities papers are never cited once. What that essentially means is that social science students are worthless. If only a mere 20% of students are producing papers worth citing, that means that there’s clearly something about the classes that lead this to happen. A whole 80% of people don’t just submit the same kind of fuckin’ papers in over and over, and never get cited a single goddamn time. Could it be that social science professors don’t actually teach, but just stand there and project their insecurities onto you, disguising their grossly entitlement driven, Marxist philsophy as feminism?


Naw. Couldn’t possibly be.