Supremacy Is Not Racist

I am not a white supremacist, by the way. But if I were, that wouldn’t inherently mean that I hate non-whites and want them to be mistreated. Supremacy is all about who’s superior, not who’s inferior. Stop looking at the situation like a teeter-totter. You can have white pride and non-white friends. It’s done all the time. 

Now, what’s the purpose of white pride? What are we as whites missing out on by opting not to “lower” ourselves to this “hateful” tribalism? Well among other things, our collective self-respect. We allow other cultures to walk all over us, because we’ve got nothing to fall back on. They’re just gonna say, “(*lip smack*) Ain’t you the niggas always askin’ for diversity and shit?”

It’s not impossible to make generalizations about non-whites, but it is a challenge to do it without stirring up controversy. Because non-whites have a healthy sense of racial pride, especially black people. They’ve got a strong racial consciousness. Un-fucking-penetrable, if you haven’t noticed. That’s totally fine by the way. Society sees no problem with that, at all. It’s when white people do it that bothers them. But they’re not racist. Not one bit.

Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of supremacists are in fact racist as shit and shouldn’t be taken the least bit seriously. But that’s because they’re racist; not because they’re supremacist. The two are not linked; they don’t correlate. Get that shit out of your head.