Women Are Literally Child-Like

If you’ve ever talked to a psychologist, you may have heard them at one point bring up OCEAN. It is the base of what we’ll be discussing here. It stands for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. It’s a beautiful acronym because of its unintentional organization, which we’ll get into now. 

Of those five factors, the two most commonly associated with women (based on survey data) are: Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Agreeableness is the ability to be likable basically. To be generally affectionate and welcoming towards everyone is to be agreeable. Neuroticism is the tendency to think negatively; to be possessed by timidness in the face of adversity and be hypersensitive to situations that aren’t proportionally as threatening, if at all.

Now, call me a fedora-wearing dudeth bro-heamieth from the misogynist dimension of misogynist misogynists. But I happen to notice a parallel between those traits and children. Ya see kids are open; they’re naive, exploratory. They also wanna be a big spaceman or something, yet they don’t know or care to know a damn thing about anything. They also tend to be irrationally frightened of random shit that would make the other kids pick on them at school if they knew about it.

And before you act all dismissive, because “psychology is just another one of those eeeevil social science classes, Mesh,” think about it for a fucking second. Do you honestly doubt that most women in your lives have or have had at some point manifested in these traits? I mean fuck. If that’s not true, then most of you are lucky to have come out decently as adults, huh? These are pretty helpful traits for house moms trying to raise their kids not to be shitheads. Ya might even say it’s an evolutionary advantage! If that’s all hocus pocus—just some dude bro’s guess to all this shit, then uh: wow, that uh—proper, caring, will-sacrifice-absolutely-nothing-for-her-child mother is just a luck of the draw, huh?! A rare one too, probably. Luckily for all of you shitting your pants right now, that’s not the case.

There’s a myriad of ways to tell that these traits are bound to show up in most women. But there’s 4 words that sum it up nicely: rape and bad pay.

If you look at the data, most rapists go after weak, insecure, shut-in people, and—this is the kicker—most people who get raped, by a major landslide—are women. If neuroticism was just as common among men as it is women, I’m sorry to say but—where are all the male rape victims?! Now, am I saying that if everyone started “being confident”, rape would go away as an occasional crime, of course not. There’s always going to be rapists in the world, and that’s why agreeableness and neuroticism do not help women, beyond raising children. They should restrict their lovey, goombayah, caringness to their immediate family, and tell their intuition to fuck off any time it suggests, “maybe this is a bad idea,” unless she’s literally tight-rope walking across two fucking mountains or something, which you know she goddamn isn’t, for fuck sake. Ayn Rand will not stop rape. But her ideas, if embraced, can greatly reduce it. I guarantee you that.

I only meant ‘bad pay’ ironically. I wanted to make a cheap laugh out of societal issues honestly. Not gonna lie. What I meant: was—bad work life. Ya see, confident people earn more money, because they do stuff. They don’t do what other people “suggest” for them, and more importantly—they don’t do just enough. They give it their all, they catch their breath, and they come back for more. Women. Don’t. DO THIS! Get over it. In general, women don’t fucking do this. They work hours and a pay that is comfortable for them, and they make a conceited effort to “balance” work life with their kids, if they have any. That’s the situation. It’s never going to change. Are there women out there who are trailblazers? Of course, but like stay-at-home fathers, they’re an exception (not the rule).

I didn’t make this post to shit on women, if my comments about the AN in OCEAN being helpful for parenting wasn’t any indication. I did it because hopefully it will jog the minds of some of you horny “alphas” out there, and get you to consider something for a moment. You’re always wondering how you keep attracting “crazy bitches”, yet you can’t put your finger on why that is. Think, motherfucker. Why don’t you want KIDS?! 

Because they annoy you. Kids—are fucking—annoying. They’re brats. Every other video I see of a woman getting into some escapades with police no matter how small, they always seem to: end up on the ground / cuffed, skuh-REAMIN’ at the top of their lungs like their life depends on it. Yelling shit like “rape!”, and “I can’t breathe!” Like a child—being put in time out and showing fuck all signs of cooperating. It honestly feels like I’m watching Nanny 911 sometimes, when I watch these clips.

Watch, they’re gonna read my mind now, guys. “Mesh, you just watch doaz kleps, because yew hate wamen. Admit it! Nothing compelsh yew to do deef dangs except for um—bad experienth errr something.”