Who Cares?

One of the great things about having “mild” Asperger’s, is that I’m social enough to obtain valuable information about you humans, while still remaining soullessly detached in such a way that few of you can fuck with me without employing violent measures. Because of this, I can make criticisms about language, human interaction, social “norms”, and other things that might seem to—I guess simpler people—to be of little significance.

It is fucking dumb when people ask, “who cares?” in response to something they find to be of little importance. If someone somewhere has cared enough to make you ask that, you most definitely know the goddamn answer then, don’t you? Clearly some people. 

Now, sometimes it has legitimate use. Like if a conversation’s going on and one person brings up some completely, unrelated, random shit. That’s a perfect time to respond with, “who cares? Let’s get back to the subject of fucking your wife please.”

But if you ask someone a question (or make a statement that prompts a response), they give you an answer, and you respond with, “who cares?”, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple. You know why? Because they care, or cared enough to obtain the knowledge at some point anyway. You just figured that out, therefore I figured you’d be able to reason: okay, there are probably other humans that do engage in this behavior besides just this one motherfucking guy. But no.

If you find something troubling, it’s everyone’s obligation to be up and arms about it. Hmm. Sounds like some pussy, post modern, snowflake bullshit. But maybe that’s just my cynical, misogynist, racist, buck-toothedness talkin’. Have a good one.