Draff Dawjurr

The term “draft dodger” really pisses me off. So, if I don’t feel like dying for a country that I don’t care for, I’m unpatriotic, a coward, and all this other stuff, huh? Well let me ask you something: is a woman who avoids rape, a semen dodger? Cause rape would certainly force many woman to fulfill their primary objective in life: raising kids. In the same way that the draft forces men to fulfill their primary objective: being a disposable tool.

There’s one more interesting thing about the Draft though. Contrary to popular belief, it ain’t mandatory. No one has ever been arrested for not signing the draft. Ever. Not a single person. Not only would it be difficult to prosecute (as often, people really do forget to inform selective service about changes in their life), it would be a crime that if prosecuted, would bankrupt the whole fucking country. Because too many people do it.

So yea. If you’re between the age of 26 and 35, and can’t quite posit a reason as to why this news may have slipped your parents minds when growing up, allow me to give you my cynical answer: they don’t give a goddamn about you. Not one measly fuck. I mean, let’s just think about this logically. They’re grown ups. Surely they know, right? Surely they realize that for about 9 years, they run the risk of losing their baby to a fucking pointless battle on ze Brown Oil people. Sooooo, I mean. Where’s the love there? If I loved someone, I certainly wouldn’t want them to die and if I could prevent that at any cost, I would probably do so, right? Sooooo. You draw your own conclusions.

Clearly they don’t. Maybe they want it to happen to you. Hell, maybe the only reason you weren’t aborted, is so that they would have themselves a little slave. Maybe you live in a depraved, promiscuous, divorce culture that constantly cranks out sociopaths. Or maybe your parents are perfect, and you really do deserve to die. Who knows? All I can say for sure is: the term draft dodger is only used by snowflakes.