I dunno, man. It’s like, how much do your principles and values really mean to you? When someone tries to make you do something that would seem to throw them out the window—would ya? If we’re all be honest here, I don’t think any of us could say otherwise. We’re social creatures. We like to be liked, and therefore hypocrisy is inevitable.

It’s one of the many reasons why I talk to people, but don’t really listen. It just goes in one ear, I process what percentage of bullshit it is, then it goes out the other ear with a fake expression on my face, as if to sign, “gee, never thought of it that way.”

Another thing I wanted to briefly touch upon is the effects divorce has on a child. Because for what reason I could not tell you—people in America don’t see divorce as a big deal. A bummer; inconvenience maybe. But nobody calls it out for being the travesty that it really is.

  1. Permanent Parental Distrust – A child with divorced parents cannot trust their parents or any other adults they choose to “co-mingle” with after, sometimes during the divorce. Why? Well, look at the fucking situation here. They’re getting a divorce! Do you think either of these fucks are good at judging people and making the right decisions? The fuck makes you think they’ve made the right choice this time?
  2. Feeling of Neglect – A child with divorced parents isn’t the center of their parents’ lives. I know some of you reading may disagree, but lemme be more specific. You have to start caring before you fuck like bonobos. Know. Who. You’re fucking. Give a little thought into your child, at the time in which it matters the most—deciding who should have half their fucking genetics! Parents are always telling me, “my kids are the most important thing in my life.” What a load of crap. “Yea, sorry Tim Tim. Would love to stay and play baseball with ya son, but I can’t take another minute of that witch you call a mother.” Oh. That’s nice. You wanna explain to me why you produced me using her as an oven, then? Doesn’t make much sense, daddio. Not to children with fucking brains anyway. To say this is a feeling of neglect is actually quite an understatement. What it is essentially is proof that you were not meant to be. The forces that made you weren’t strong ones, and they came together randomly and unfortunately. If people actually had a thought process before they chose to reproduce, you wouldn’t even exist. You’re a renegade, son.

Dunno why I started a list. I guess I thought there was more. Maybe there is more and I’m forgetting. Good thing I can edit these articles at any time without y’alls noticing, and don’t you think for a second that I doubt. As I said up top, we all like to be liked. 😉