Mah pinionsh are very—fansive we’ll just say. People seem to think that I don’t have the right to say the things that I say. Can you believe this? They sound crazy, right? But, no they actually think their feelings matter more than my freedom to speak. Call me McCarthy, but that sounds to me like some butter ball, communist bullshit right there.

Do you know what happens to people that can’t speak their mind? They resort to anger and violence. Because if they open their mouths, then like a divorce cunt culture parent that knows everything apparently, to the gulag they will be sent. There is no alternative. For you to be upset that someone whose ability to speak is being threatened—is acting violent; killing people even—is fucking maddening. Do you people not grasp how important free speech is? Free speech allows us to solve problems without violence. Complex problems too. Very important ones. For fuck sake, you keep saying, “hate speech isn’t free speech.” But are you going to keep saying that when bullets start spraying everywhere? Probably not. Because most of you that believe in this crap are cowards and would pussy the fuck away from your principles and values if anyone even threatened them. I swear everyone on the Left has the mind of a child. 

Wanna know what makes assholes? Bad fathers. Das right. Even a shitty mom is typically more nurturing that even the best of dad’s. Assholes can only exist if other assholes are in close enough proximity with them during developmental years. Monkey see, monkey do. If daddy can walk, maybe I can walk. If daddy can talk, maybe can talk. If daddy beats his wife, maybe I should later in life too. Cause and effect. This is kindergarten shit. “Mesh, esh newt dat shimple.” Yes, it is. You know whether you’re an asshole or not. Assess yourself and reproduce carefully please. The rest of us are trying to run a fucking society or something here. Please try not to undo that by shooting shitty people into our system with your shitty genes, with shitty people—you careless heathens.

You know what’s great about ADHD? This. Conveying complex shit, moving onto the next thing like that. No transition. It’s awesome. For me anyway. For you, it’s probably unsettling. You know what else is great? Not taking copious amounts of shit from people your entire life and hardly ever having the good “deeds” you do be recognized. How I envy people with that kind of life. Sounds fun. 

But no. I’m broken, and I’m not willing to change. Better figure something out, or find some opium amirite? Lel. Suicide’s funny, fuck you.