Alt-Right (cuntinued…)

First, let’s discuss what all alt-righters have in common. If someone identifies as alt-right, but the following doesn’t describe them, they’re full of shit. All alt-righters:

  • Desire an ethnostate or as close to one as they can get.
  • Yield mild, sometimes overt skepticism towards everything based in contempt for Zionism. (mainly in America & Israel)
  • Absolutely reject postmodernism and aren’t fooled by the typical line from cucks of: “not all postmodernism is bad.”
  • Say cuck. A lot. Like. Daily. 
  • Disapprove of the power women yield in society and think measures need to be taken to reduce it.
  • Perceive marriage to be a waste of time, a trap, dumb, a mere governmental institution, anything but a Holy “commitment”. *jerk motion*

These are the must’s. Whether someone’s alt-right in America, Japan, Germany–doesn’t matter. 

To understand why it is foolish and honestly retarded to compare the alt-right to the “normal” right, let’s discuss the alt-left. Some of you reading are undoubtably leftists. Do you believe in the dumb shit the alt-left does, and if you’ve never heard that term before, think antifa, anarcho-communists, radical feminists, and beta cucks mansplaining about male privilege. That’s the alt-left. It is called the alt-left, because it not only allows those within it to feel special and unique. It also brushes some heat off the “regular” left, classical liberals, and company, for their dumbassity.

Now, I’m not saying we’re equally as absurd as the alt-left, although some of us are fucked. Not gonna lie. But one thing’s for certain. We’re not right-wing. To call us right-wing is to fail to recognize just how “right” we are and how left the supposed American right truly is. That’s another parallel with the alt-left. The alt-left is very left. Too left for many. As do we alienate our “right wing buddies” Glenn Chzeck, Rush Limcuck, and whatever. Because the alt-right is far right. Very far.