Nihilism is the rejection of moral and religious principles, often because one believes that life is meaningless. It’s something I used to be quite fond of, being the cynical cunt that am—until of course I recognized it as being the catalyst for postmodernism, which I consider pretty much to be the devil in idea form.

Postmodernism is the idea that society has been “constructed” wrong, needs to be destroyed, and rebuilt. It’s a wishy washy attitude towards capitalism, a destain for the wealthy, a pathological urge to satisfy women for no other reason than that they have vaginas, and an obsessive tendency to check people’s “privileges”. To the postmodernist, there is no self, much like in nihilists. Nihilists could be considered more “hardcore” than postmodernists, depending on who you ask. This is because postmodernists don’t believe in individuality and freedom of choice. They just believe in the oppressor and the oppressed. Likewise, nihilists too reject individualism, volition, and all of that. But they reject the class system of oppressor vs. oppressed as well, viewing all of humanity instead as—pretty much a bunch of arrogant hairless bipeds that find themselves living a particularly cumbersome lifestyle compared to other life forms, and because of that have somehow convinced themselves that they’re smarter, better, and more capable a species than them.

Think about moral relativism, right and wrong being mere “constructs”. These are beliefs I attack gruesomely on this site, yet what acted as a bridge to let these ideas flood the gates? Nihilism. It’s a slippery slope, I tell ya. Nearly everything bad in America today is the result of postmodernism, and if nihilism acts so closely as a mechanism to transition into it, then I see it as obligatory for us all to avoid it like the plague, for the betterment of society. That is of course if anyone gives a shit, which—this is America, so. >.>

We as a society don’t need to believe in Jayzus, Christy-mah-anity, and the Holy Bible’s every word and prophecy to see a reduction in postmodernism. But if maintaining a civilized, capitalist society is in anyway a priority, then the Golden Rule of Jesus at the very least must be cherished. Do unto others what you want done to you. It’s a great rule. Because if you want to be treated kindly, you treat others kindly, and if you don’t mind others being a dick to you, you can be a dick to them. It’s a lovely system. I don’t see why people keep trying to stray from it, as if it hasn’t led to *clears throat* the number 1 GDP since the 60’s.