Horseshoe Meme


Believes race and cultures should be segregated from each other.” Close. We know they should. I don’t see why this person wrote that for the SJews as well though; that’s a little dumb considering the whole multiculturalism, let’s all hold hands and sing goombahya thing.

Holds all black people accountable for crimes other black people committed.” If by holding them accountable, you mean advocating for world-wide ethnocentrism with maybe a little temporary multiculturalism in some areas for purposes of tourism and vacationing—then yes, we do that; but towards all people, and not because blacks happen to commit more crime. We do it because we know multicuktularism doesn’t work. As for the SJews, they do hold all white people—particularly men, accountable for their ancestors’ actions. So far, the score is Alt-Right 2, Alt Left 0.

Takes credit for modern civilization.” If by civilization you mean Western society and by take credit, you mean to preserve things as they were left to us by our ancestors, then sure.  “We Wuz Kangz” hilariously enough is an alt-right meme. Way to peddle our ideals and make the establishment more threatened, Mr. or Mrs, ooh look at me, I’m in the center. I’m too intelligent to take a stance on anything. Ooh. Much too smart for me to show you my biases. *farts, sniffs butthole*

Anti-racist” is “codeword for anti-white,” and it doesn’t take an alt-right to see that. Every single anti-racist ever has contributed and peddled nothing short of racist bullshit to society, particularly white people. There actually isn’t a quicker way to make me realize you’re in fact racist, than identifying as anti-racist. If people are something, they generally don’t have to say it over and over. I.e. Trump shouldn’t have to tell us how rich he is, or how smart he is. I would award the meme-maker a point finally for the alt-left, but like I said, they used our “We Wuz Kangz” thing. Maybe this was made before the left officially sent that phrase into the gulag of far-right thought criminality; thus the meme-maker’s likely a leftist shill.

As for the “colorblind” cell, not many people in the alt-left say that because it’s patently retarded. To be colorblind is to act as though you “don’t see color”, which is not possible by any stretch of the imagination. It’s obvious that race is real; I don’t even know why it’s debated. Anyway, “colorblind” people are “fine” with SJews for the most part.

Claims sexual freedom is causing the downfall of society.” Oh, you mean promiscuity, and yes we do think that. But that belief has basis in reality. Women get pregnant. Assholes are born out of? That’s right. Vaginas. Making women sluttier and more importantly giving them the vote, inevitably and necessarily leads to societal degeneration.

Claims pornography is objectifying.

Well, it is. When you watch porn, you’re not thinking, oh wow I wonder what their backstory is. Yea, I’ll bet you watch for the plot, huh? No. You’re thinking. Oh, that looks nice. I’d like to use that to dispense bodily fluids right about now. Is a sandwich an object? Of course. It’s an object that you can eat. Women are objects too—in porn. Objects whose sole purpose is to act as your mind’s hypothetical sex slave. It is evil. You have to understand something and it is the blunt truth. For 99% of men, all that matters is sex. We may take slight interest in your personality, your interests, and all of that good shit, but at the end of the day, we’re just trying to get into your panties. Pornography, along with female promiscuity cause men not to seek out women for interpersonal relationships and intimacy, because they can achieve that thing they put up with all of that for in the first place—using the internet, or if you live in Japan—a fully automated sex robot. Quit giving your assets away to every Mike and Chad that pops about. It is ruining civilized society.

I’d say 5-1, but I see this as more a right-wing talking point—not so much a leftist one. To discourage a woman from participating in a porno nowadays seems like it would fall under the category of “politically incorrect”, though I don’t know why—seeing as how they possess all the sexual power.

Conservatives who disagree with them are cucks.” That’s not true. Everyone who disagrees with me is a cuck. In all seriousness though, the word cuck is meant to describe men that serve as useful idiots and tools to the far-left, and again we have justification for calling them that. We can show that they’re cucked, unlike the hard-left that just throws racist terms around whenever a non-white disagrees with their Marxist mentality.

Internalized racism.” Again you have no problem peddling our words, saying ‘cuck’. But you won’t say Uncle Tom, coon, or house nigger? I’d act surprised, but the caption at the bottom of the meme clued me in from the very beginning what side of the road you travel on, and you may think you can stand in the middle of the road and just impede on everyone (“centrism”), but you can’t.

Genocide” has more to do with displacement for us than it does with murder. Think miscegenation, shift in racial consciousness—which is happening over here, pretty much imbibes white culture to a degree. Plus a lot of white-dominant countries are experiencing legitimate waves of “white slaughter”, but I’m sure that’s not headed over here. Nothing bad ever does, right? “Oppression” unlike genocide can never be shown, demonstrated, or quantified. It’s conjecture held up on a pedestal and through leftist magic, has become this invisible “ghost” that you have to be female to see, oh and stupid. 

Again, I don’t know where your ideas of SJews come from. They don’t want authoritarianism. They loathe authoritarianism. on the other hand am not too shy towards it and that’s because I genuinely don’t believe that people know what’s best for them. I think discipline, tradition, and rules are to be respected, and that if you’re not going to abide by such doctrines, you’re a broken leg on an already fat, drunk caterpillar stumbling towards a hungry bird holding a “refugees need home” sign.

8-0, whites win. Except all of the ones that aren’t alt-right; all 70% of them. They’re losing. Hopefully they’ll wake up soon and realize it.