Democracy and Egalitarianism are Misguided

Democracy is a system of government wherein decisions are made by the people. The problem with this is that there’s hardly if ever consensus, and even when there is consensus, it’s often the result of misinformation, hysteria, political polarization, anything but critical analysis. Democracy really only has a chance at working decently if people are willing to cooperate, which in ginormous, multicultural societies is an anomaly. Democratic countries are superorganisms, a collective of smaller organisms that acts in the interest of itself, rather than the organisms that comprise it.

Egalitarianism is the idea that everyone should be treated equally. The problem with this is that individualism is an illusion. There is no free will. Everything influences our behavior. Race, sex, weather, intelligence, group-think, age, grey vs. white matter in the brain, childhood family dynamics, etc. No one comes out the way they are because they intended to. One way or another, the broader environment around them, their past experiences, and genetics pull them towards the path they end up going down in life.

Genetics + environment + memory = action. Genetics are the instructions for how your mind and body will react to a given stimulus. The environment is everything outside of your head, and memory is, of course, the collection of experiences you’ve had already to help your mind guide future behavior. If you want an “optimal” society (that’s to say, one of no crime), the state would have to interfere in everyone’s life to make sure they’re going the path that’s most suitable for them.

Sure, egalitarianism lets people “do whatever they want“, but people aren’t meant to be trusted with the freedom to feed their desires frankly. Our tastes, interests, desires, dreams, and hopes for the world change constantly. But what doesn’t change is what we’re naturally good at. Finding out what those things are and mastering them is what life is all about. Not doing what we want. It isn’t without great hubris that one’s pipe dreams take priority over what they’re objectively destined to do.

Even if one could trust “the people” to run a society, consider how tribalistic, off-putting, and merciless other cultures are towards our empire. Now consider how damningly slow the process of “getting shit done” is here in this schizophrenic society where no one can agree on anything. Is it really worth the risk? Do most people not see the risk there? “Quickly, guys. What are we gonna do about North Kor–ope. Too late.” Dictators can do what they want when they want with the nation they preside over, which in times of crisis and imminent war, makes them a force to be reckoned with.

The hypocrisy of Americans to criticize the idea of a dictatorship so harshly, when they are (((spoonfed))) Democrat and Republican propaganda left and right to inflate their one-dimensional, misguided, political opinions, and thus end up electing retard after retard, is truly astonishing. Most championers of democracy (the people that have a raging hard-on for the Constitution) will turn right around more than half of the time and say something along the lines of, “this country’s so stupid,” or “this country ain’t going anywhere.” Ya don’t say.