Alt-Right FAQ

What if my family’s mixed-race, Mitch? 

They wouldn’t be had it not been for multiculturalism. Just because something you don’t like has shaped your family, doesn’t mean you hate your family. That doesn’t logically follow. Dissociating from somebody over differing political opinions is the very definition of bigotry. Why you would want to be friends with somebody’s who would drop you in the scrap heap if they found out you don’t think like them—is beyond me. So I can’t really help you there.


What if my reputation gets totally ruined and my opinions change?

Well, I’m sure that’ll matter 10 years from now when whites are the minority, hold the least power, and face inevitable legislation against them. Hundreds of millions of jobs will be lost to automation. A guerrilla-style civil war is on the horizon. But I’m sure if you just cuck yourself and keep your mouth shut until then, you’ll be fine. 

In all seriousness, you need to stop caring about yourself. You’re not important as an individual, and you can’t do shit about this catastrophe we’re living through on your own. The overthrowing of the left is necessary and if you don’t participate in it, you may as well join the other side and start knocking down statues; it’s not like you’re going to stop them.

If you’re too scared to admit your convictions about what’s happening to whites in America right now, why the fuck wouldn’t any other white person be just as hesitant?


How do I get over the slavery thing? And the Holocaust?

Simple. Blacks owned slaves. Some slaves were white, and the biggest mass murder by a dictator of all time (Mao Ze Dong—a communist) puts Hitler’s 1.6 million Jews and gypsies to shame. To be concerned about any of these things, whilst brushing every other travesty off of your shoulders when it comes to contemplating history (that you had nothing to do with, mind you), is irrational. 


How do I talk about the (((Question))) without being called anti-Semitic?

You don’t. People are going to believe what they want to believe. Just remember that anti-Semitism is no different than “Islamaphobia”, which isn’t nearly as controversial as it used to be, for people are opening their eyes to what’s unfolding in Europe and recognizes the inherent violence that springs out of the teachings of the Qu’ran.

Likewise, recognizing that the Talmud and the Torah teach people Machiavellian mannerisms and lifestyles—doesn’t mean you “hate all Jews”. It just means that you recognize Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all teach people vastly different values and fit like a key in only particular cultures.

There’s a particular reason why Judaism skeeves me out personally though. In Islam and Christianity, there’s a Hell, a place for “bad people” to go when they eventually perish. In Judaism, there is no such thing, and if there’s no incentive not to commit bad behavior in life, why wouldn’t you, especially if it benefits you and you know you’ll get away with it? Even when not expressly telling them, the Jewish holy books are indoctrinating people into selfish, greedy, manipulative behavior.

The whole “you’re just making excuses for the failures in your own life and looking for a scapegoat” nonsense is just intellectual laziness not worth responding to. If we lived in a free market society, that might be a valid argument. But between the economic extremes, we’re a lot closer to communism than capitalism. Class upper mobility has gone down, while prolonged adolescence has skyrocketed; the welfare state and government handouts, entitlement programs, and affirmative action are all keeping minorities and women “down” at the direct expense of white men.


Are Jews a Race?

Yes and no. White people come in three forms: Aryans, Hamitics, and Semitics.

Hamitics are from Africa, Semitics are from Asia and some parts of Europe, and Aryans are of course—“fully” European.

Semitic culture is still being practiced to this day, particularly in the Middle East. Their culture, though similar to our cherished, modern way of American life, has a slew of differences that led and still do lead these people to Judaism. That and Semitic culture is much older than Christianity.

Not all modern Semites practice Judaism, though they likely take a few things from the Talmud without noticing if they were raised by Jews. In the same way, can’t escape the chains that Christianity has attached to my brain—and for a reason that exists for society’s sake: it’s better that way. Christian morality is Western morality, and I live in the West.