Whyte Paypel

What does the Alt-Right do?

  • We advocate for and will act to secure the rights and prosperity of white people, including but not limited to: representation in Congress, representation in the Media, and a meritocratic society where businesses are no longer frightened into affirmative action by Zionists/feminists.
  • Our secondary, but equally important goal is to protect Western society with all our heart, from Neo-Marxist liberalism. Multiculturalism is unnatural; it doesn’t work. The people that push for it know it doesn’t work and they rely on your ignorance to push their Marxist welfare state. That’s why they actively seek to convince you that science is “up for interpretation”; that it’s all a patriarchal hoax.
    • Look around you.[Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit] When people are given the freedom to segregate themselves, they will. We’re a tribal species. Race matters. Get over it.
    • More quotas = more socialism > less business > economic turmoil.
  • We’re one of the few groups in America that’s actually “oppressed”, by the Left’s standards. (which is and has been the status quo for about a century) That is to say we’re being denied respect, freedom to speak on stage, and some of us even—the ability to co-exist with friends, family, and society. Why? Because we don’t have a pathological aversion to “gentrification” like all of you misguided, socialist retards that think humans aren’t the least bit tribal, and that like the flip of a switch, they think they can just decree that human behavior adapt to their wim.
  • No one is obligated to change for you. No one is obligated to live your life for you. Grow up. Recognize the culture you’re a part of, and assimilate or get the fuck out. I wouldn’t be going to Peru saying, “Shit, man. There’s not enough white people here. Y’all are going to have to change that for me. I—yes, me over here. I feel out of place, ya see.” Yea, that’s fucking stupid. People who do that or think it’s acceptable to do that: are uneducated, unhealthily optimistic retards.

Why is our existence, our beliefs, and our behavior justified?

  • Because it is okay to hate white people. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. Go outside and scream at the top of your lungs, “I fucking hate white people!” Nothing bad’s gonna happen to you. If anything, someone’s gonna cheer at you.
  • White Privilege is a Feminist/Marxist concept hoisted upon us in exactly the fashion Lysenko did to the “bourgeoisie” (the ‘privileged’ in Soviet Russia), to get societal permission to overthrow them.

Are we Nazis?

  • If it helps you sleep at night, sure. Your labels don’t concern us, frankly.
  • Funny we get a finger waved at us for daring to suggest y’alls may have a thing or two in common with Stalin. But once you feel that we’re being Nazis, oh that’s not only reasonable to say. It’s axiomatic! 
    • Seriously. Go look up Alt-Right, most sources including the “reputable” ones are going to frame it as a Neo-Nazi hate group. Ask your mother, brother, aunt, uncle, boss, goldfish; they’ll all probably tell you the same.
  • Anyway, have fun living in your bubble. Won’t be long before we pop it, bitches.

Is there really a “need” for a white-interest group, isn’t that a little absurd?

  • In a country built by Europeans for Europeans, filled with mostly Europeans, with no incentive for “diversity” and multi-culturalism, sure. I would agree with you. We would be whiny snowflakes at that point.
  • But that’s not the case. History’s being “rewritten” by the snowflakes to convince everyone not only that America was built by anyone but white people; but that whites are also evil, bigoted, colonialist Nazi scum that need to be “taken down a peg”.
  • Until these conditions change, we will not go away. We will only grow, and when you come for our free speech (and we know you are), it’s going to get ugly. There’s a lot more of us than CNN and company would have you believe.
  • I’m stunned at the idea that a group for white interests is seen as inherently dangerous as it might become a “Nazi gathering”. Is that not, the most blatantly racist idea ever? Is anyone who thinks that not a piece of shit? I am on planet Earth, right?

Britain First is alright with us—well, me anyway.

  • Yes, if you actually research Britain First—I know it’s painful, but try—you’ll see that “progressive” changes are coming for the UK as well.
  • You cannot push for legislation that alienates the main people of the land, and expect parties like this not to form.
  • Oh, yes. I said it. The main people. I know some Native Americans are reading this going, “um,” yea—spare me that, “we were here first,” shit. We turned your useless land into something for fuck sake, and only because we thought you were the goddamn Indians who asked of our colonization.