Oh, the Trayvonity!

Notice how not one, but four police officers approached a man with deadly weapons. Now, the fact shit didn’t hit the fan right away, and the fact I’ve seen police in action enough to know, something tells me they weren’t just approaching this man quietly. They were probably, like many cops in these situations, screaming for him to get on the ground, demanding compliance over and over, and not getting it.

Why the fuck would four cops sashay on over to an unsuspecting black man and shoot him nonchalant, with a fucking helicopter flying around in the sky? I know it looks bad on the surface, but you’re not actually trusting your gut fucking feeling about this, are you? Grow up, for fuck sake. There’s an ass load of nuance to these things.

This article about the shooting of Walter Scott is pretty amusing as well.

A police report also claimed that Slager attempted to resuscitate Scott with CPR; Santana’s video subsequently proved that was a lie.

Oh, is that so Dell Cameron? Santana’s video camera just happened to record everything from that event, before, during, and after, from all angles too?! Wow, just wow. Much amaze. Such awesome. Just whoa. I had no idea cameras were so advanced now that once you start recording, it doesn’t stop. Ever. Slager also didn’t hug his children in Santana’s video. I guess that “proves” that he’s never done so, doesn’t it?

Philando Castile: Sir, I do have a fire arm on me though.

Officer: Okay. Don’t pull it out though. . . Don’t pull it out! . . . !!!

Now, I need you people to really ask yourselves something. Imagine you’re a cop. You’re aware that statistically you’re more likely to encounter a violent black person than a violent white person. You’ve pulled over a black man and he reaches for something you’re not sure of, when you asked repeatedly of him not to.

“Buh Mesh, you don’t really think he’d pull out a glock and spray a cop’s face with lead with his wife and kids in the car?” I have not the time to entertain your emotional angle of this. I don’t know what Philando thought was right and wrong. I don’t care. What I do know is that Philando Castile disobeyed a police officer. I’m always telling people. The one time you ought to cuck yourself is when you encounter cops. Because fighting them in court is not only easier, you’ll get more out of it.

Ever notice that George Zimmerman is Hispanic, yet everyone and their mother calls him white? I mean I for one expect to be corrected without fail for misidentifying any other Latino as a white person. But once one of them shoots a black teenager, “Eh, well. I guess they kinda look white, now that you mention it.”