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Here’s a bunch of words and phrases that trygg3r me. That is to say, I’m instantly inclined to believe that not only is the word or phrase in particular being used wrong, but also by an pseudo-intellectual egotist, who–going forward, I’m probably going to take a lot less seriously, perhaps even cut ties with altogether.

  • Problematic – Esp. from men — Get fucking real. It’s always applied to something being done or said that may not be the most pleasant, politically correct thing to observe, but nevertheless follows the goddamn law. Such as a “problematic tweet”, a “problematic video game that’s demeaning to wamyn,” a “problematic YouTube user reinforcing ‘male attitudes’ on his comments to public videos,” a “problematic electric socket reinforcing the idea of penetration.” etc. Another reason it is particularly absurd to hear this from men, is because women are supposed to be worrying about nothing, keeping an eye on things, and always considering the worst possible scenario. They are instinctively inclined to do that. When a man does it, it’s pathetic. He’s short on testosterone. That or common sense.
  • Narrative – Talking to postmodernists is very frustrating if you’re empirically minded. They will shoot everything you say down with, “Eh, that’s just part of an old, outdated, elitist, male system.” I think it’s projection, mostly. For if someone willingly chooses not to believe in reality, obviously everyone must be as insane as they are. No, hun. There is no “narrative” being discussed here. I occupy reality; you live in a bubble. 
  • Privilege – Esp. from white people. — Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m not going to hear you out (at least once), because of your skin color; that would be blatant racism, which I don’t like to engage in. But I am going to be thinking in my head, “Dude, really? You?! Fucking. You. Are gonna teach me about ‘systemic oppression’ Mmmmmmkay.” I don’t think it takes a scholar to figure out why it is that I find that idea so laughable.
    • In the case of minorities making the claim to me, I get it. It was less than a century ago that black and white separatism was a mandated thing. Jim Crow is not an excuse for failure to thrive in a free market however.  So bottom line, the social permission of blacks to yield responsibility of they problems on the white man—even though they’ve been free as a bird to do whatever they want for over a century, is not something I will tolerate, especially given that Jim Crow has been over for half a century. 50 years. A little over 18 thousand days. Survive. Or don’t. Y’allz is kangz, right? Well fuckin’ act like it.
  • Misogyny – Esp.  from women. A man might have a clearer idea of what misogyny is, since they tend to think more logically and less emotionally. A woman is inclined often to reject that which is logical because it doesn’t feel right to her. Why? Because it’s an evolutionary advantage for the well being of her offspring. That’s not to say though that a significant portion of American men nowadays have accepted the god king emperor Social Justice’s new definition of misogyny, mostly so they don’t have to sleep on the couch probably.
    • And what’s that new definition? Bah, look up phallogocentrism, you’ll get it. Though if you’re comfortable with the actual definition of misogyny, which is—the hatred of women—as you should be, then don’t bother. I couldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. For this is yet another one of those terms that would make an empirically minded individual wanna stab their eyes out with rusty nails. Anyone who buys into it is a moron and will forever have my scorn.
  • Literally – Esp. from anyone under the age of FORTY for fuck sake. Millennials have literally made the word literally, literally mean the opposite of what it literally used to meanliterally! “I’m literally mad right now,” “It was literally like this big, maybe half that size,” “Bro, she was literally like all up on my shit yo. Literally like breathing on me.” Do me a favor if you’re a middle-aged parent and if you have children that commit to this ass-rape of a genocide on English—kill them. It’s not like half of you put them on drugs they don’t need that’s going to permanently damage their brains, so that they don’t cause you mild irritation doing kid stuff. So they’re about half way there anyway, just finish the job. Have mercy!

Here’s some more things that annoy, vex, irritate, baffle, and elude me logically:

  • Feminism – It’s not about women’s rights or equality. It’s purpose is to make America a totalitarian, Marxist state. They use privilege in the hopes of constructing a social outlaw on straight, white males, such that they can be murdered, kidnapped, whatever. Bottom line, just get those fuckers down to a controlled 10% of the population, so we can let women take over. But wait, women don’t seem to want to work and “be like men”. Hmm. Well—conveniently, there is Uncle Sam to take over responsibility.
  • Zionism – Just about everything the average American consumes, especially in Media, was made by or hoisted upon them by someone that uses all their power to further the Zion State of Israel. Tell me. Do you like what they’ve done? Hint: just about everything else on this list. 😉
  • Black Lives Matter – No one in America faces systemic discrimination, except white people in the work place; also Asian-Americans, but not as much.
    • This “system” exists because of snowflakes by the way, not whitey.
    • It’s an illusory system as well. It’s not mandated. Merely practiced mostly everywhere to keep feminist lawsuits at a minimum.
    • Cops will not pull you over unless you give them a reason. If they pull you over for nothing, you can fight them in court, not that you’d actually use your time and resources to do that. But the fact that you can is enough to “scare” most cops into doing their job “the right way”.
  • Democrats – They’re literally socialists and they think they’re so fucking cute and sly, pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and saying, “Oh, ess juss a widdle socialism. Don’t worry, baby. If we wanna stick it up your butt some more, we’ll ask ya. We’z Democrats.”
  • Republicans – They’re not right-wing. They’re just less obvious socialists. “Yea, small government, then again the death penalty’s pretty cool; I’m against fag marriage, then again I blew a man earlier; I’m totally small government, guys. I swear. Oh, and it’s crucial that we blow up the Middle East and take their oil; Oops, we came up with the genius idea of universal fucking not at all Stalinist healthcare. Good thing Obama came around and made everyone think that Democrats dun did it, once we started calling it “Obamacare”, hyuck hyuck hyuck. Oh and I swear, I can give you my favorite quote from the Bible, I just need to read one real quick.”
  • Euphemisms – Words used in replace of obscene, rude, politically incorrect, or otherwise troubling words. I don’t care for them. Hell, I have negroid, mongoloid, caucazoid, heeb, fag, cunt, kike, nigger, spic, and dyke all up in my vocabulary. What the fuck—are you gonna do about it exactly? For you to insist I alter my language for your comfort implies you have some kind of entitlement to my behavior having been changed, which is odd considering—you’re not the emperor, you’ve probably never done anything for me, my speech (if offensive) probably wasn’t intended to be, so—stop being a fucking child? Learn the concept of meeting different people, that act different, think different, talk different—idiot.
  • Most of America – I think most people in this country are morons, which gives me great concern in elections, as I think they ought to restrict voting to those who qualify. How would they qualify by my standards? Simple. They have to demonstrate somehow that they are of an empirical mindset; that nothing affects their opinions and behavior except for reason. That’s all. I don’t need you to be an expert on the country, or worship it, or be male. All want is to be able to trust that you will vote objectively. 
  • Vaccines – They say you should inject tiny doses of infectious stuff into your children, so they develop an immunity early on. Because if you don’t, and your kid gets measles or something, they might spread it to the other kids—which were also vaccinated for measles. But that’s totally not relevant. Ohhhhh, I gotcha. It only works, if everyone agrees or is forced to do it. Hmm. What does that remind me of?
  • Obama – Almost the worst president we’ve ever had, right behind FDR. Highest, most consistent debt in history. The motherfucker had Americans working an extra 25 hours per week, for less yearly income after federal taxes, which he was the first president in history that had the audacity, to increase those. He was far too soft on ISIS as well. Half the time, I swear it seemed like he sympathized with them.
  • Clinton – The fact leftists still think Clinton is fit to be president is maddening. It’s like when conservatives tell me that Ted Cruz would be fit for president. I get it. Y’alls think a like. But Ted Cruz lies his ass off constantly. He doesn’t even try and tell believable lies. In the same way, Clinton keeps titty fucking around behind people’s backs, throwing most of the leftist positions she holds so dear in the public’s face—straight out the fucking window; and you don’t care?! You still want her in office?! Fucking. Why?!?!
  • Diversity – I used to not mind the idea of diversity at all until I realized diversity is just code for “not white” and often “anti-white”. So when you see or hear someone or something claiming to be diverse, remember what it’s really about.
  • Snowflake Damage Controllers – There’s a lot of snowflakes out there, that feel the need to advertise that they think the use of the word snowflake is stupid. Go figure. They say we’re quoting a “literal terrorist” from Fight Club or something that has a small dick, and apparently the connection is supposed to beeeee—we’ve got tiny dicks, too? I really dunno what they’re trying to say. But I can tell you this, anyone who gets immediately on the defensive about something, probably knows they’re caught and wants to suppress that notion. If I try and prove to someone for a example that I’m not a Nazi, I’m already allowing someone who thinks it’s okay to call people Nazis a platform. I’m entertaining the conversation. If a snowflake truly thought I was just some 2 cm misogynist and wanted nothing to do with people who think they’re a snowflake, they wouldn’t put on a snowflake mask, go into the “den of trolls” and say, “hey trolls, you’ve all got tiny cocks!” By engaging in this behavior, it’s quite evident that you’re a snowflake and your attempts to hide it by meme-shielding are quite embarrassing.

The following is a list of media outlets, people, organizations, etc, that simply put—you shouldn’t listen to or hear out, except for an ironic laugh because they wear their bias on their sleeve, but act neutral. They sound pure, but they’re evil.

  • Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) -This is a website where old people who don’t understand things nowadays go and get their information on what “the kids are doing these days”. It’s not a website “centered” around poverty. It’s an anti-white organization. When white people have fun, it’s the SPLC’s job to convince everyone that it’s all reinforced bigoted behavior.
  • NAACP – I would have no problem with this organization, had it not been for the fact that in order to achieve their goals, this group too is anti-white in nature. At the very least, I think we can agree they’re anti-nature, positing that things like affirmative action ought to be procedural in all companies, where instead of hiring the most qualified person for the job, we hire someone else, because apparently hiring he or she who can do the job best, is no longer priority. No, we need to make sure the workplace is as “variant” as possible.
  • Any and All Workers Unions – Anyone who’s active in a union is a proletariat-wannabe piece of entitled, narcissistic shit. Maybe the reason you don’t get paid that much, or get your shit stolen at work or disrespected is because um—you picked the wrong fucking job for yourself, and now you think the solution, instead of being a grown up and taking your services elsewhere, is to have your big brother essentially come down and beat up your boss. You people are the scum of the Earth and I really think you should all be forced to go live in North Korea, where everything will be mandated and regulated to the nth degree so pour you doesn’t have to deal with “oppression”. For real. If you’re in a union, swallow a razor.